The Annual Unshackler Awards: 2017 Triggered Feminist Of The Year Award


It’s that time of year again where we look back and remember last year for what it was.

The annual Unshackler Awards is a series of 10 Awards to be released over coming weeks to remember the good and the bad as we break the chains of control.

Now it’s time to publicly shame the most triggered feminists nominated by The Unshackled team. Then you the public get to reduce it down to just one: The “2017 Triggered Feminist of the Year Award” which will be announced on Australia Day.

And The Nominees Are:

2017 Triggered Feminist Of The Year

  • Sarah Hanson-Young (30%, 58 Votes)
  • Clementine Ford (25%, 49 Votes)
  • Magda Szubanski (11%, 21 Votes)
  • Lisa Wilkinson (9%, 18 Votes)
  • Penny Wong (6%, 12 Votes)
  • Vanessa "Van" Badham (6%, 11 Votes)
  • Tracey Spicer (5%, 10 Votes)
  • Susan Carland (5%, 9 Votes)
  • Louise Pratt (3%, 6 Votes)
  • Jacinda Ardern (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 196

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Louise Pratt is a federal Senator representing the ALP. She is most famous for her “Rainbow Family” which comprises of herself, a former transgender male partner, a gay ALP WA Senator, and his gay partner whom is the biological father of the child in this shared arrangement. Not only has she chosen to put this child through mental abuse, but she also had a sook about her family not being recognised at the time that SSM was illegal, even though they should all have been sent to a mental institution. She has always been outspoken on gay rights, feminist pay-gap myths, and has always due to her circumstances been given extra privilege. A candidate that desperately needs the help of Mike Pence, so that we can get some sanity back into the Senate.

Clementine Ford is the figurehead of the contemporary Australian feminist movement. Based in Melbourne (obviously), her battle against the patriarchy began when she was at university. While many other girls were deciding to become businesswomen and doctors while doing Commerce or Medicine, Clementine made the empowering decision to become a women’s rights activist during her gender studies course. She’s everything progressive: pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, and so on and so forth. She also has a popular presence in Tumblr, again for obvious reasons, showing just how far she is from both reality and morality. She is a prolific writer, and her work includes the book ‘Fight Like a Girl’ and a regular column for the ‘Daily Life’.

Vanessa “Van” Badham is another Australian feminist who was drawn to left-wing politics and feminism while at university. Badham is also an anarchist, and has been involved in radical groups, such as the Non Aligned Left. She came into the public spotlight after she won a competition for her play ‘The Wilderness of Mirrors’, which centred on an activist organisation being infiltrated by a secret intelligence organisation. Badham is also very anti-rich, and flaunted her jealousy of the upper class when attacking the Australian government’s tax cuts. And of course, she lives in Melbourne, as every good feminist should.

Susan Carland is the wife of Australian television presenter Waleed Aly. Now she is an interesting person, because she claims to be an Islamic feminist. The inconsistency and contradiction bulging from this claim is a clear indicator of who she is and how seriously she is to be taken. She claims that terrorism and misogyny have nothing to do with Islam, despite the overwhelming evidence proving otherwise. Recently she published a book ‘Fighting Islam’, where she says it is possible to be both Muslim and a feminist. For example, she believes covering up her body is a source of liberation because only she can control who sees her body, despite the fact that Islamic teachings say something completely different about women, their clothing, and their bodies. It’s interesting how actual Islamic women, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, are calling for reformation within the violent religion that is Islam, but a former Christian woman is flaunting her conversion. Not only has she misunderstood Islam, she has betrayed her own culture and heritage by taking up feminism and converting to Islam, which is very contradictory and confusing, but are we meant to expect anything more from the left?

Jacinda Ardern is the new feminist pin up girl in the political world. She become leader of the New Zealand Labour Party right before their general election, a job she claimed she wasn’t interested in a month earlier because she wanted to start a family but when asked about her change of heart by the media it was deemed sexist. As is the case with a lot of feminists during the election campaign she supported vague feel good policies such as ending child poverty, which seemed inconsistent given her support for legalising abortion in the nation. Not able to handle criticism she accused people who critiqued her policies as being conservative trolls. Despite coming second in the election, she still became Prime Minister thanks to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters’ betraying his party’s base. Since then she has embraced all the shrill policies of the left such as refugees, climate change and free university education.

Magda Szubanski despite being in the public eye for 25 years as a comedian now seems to have taken on a new career as a full-time lesbian after coming out in 2012. She was one of the most prominent faces of the YES campaign in the same sex marriage survey and could hardly get through a media appearance without breaking down into tears about how tough being a lesbian was in Australia. She constantly complained about mean comments about her on the internet and said she considered legal action, this was despite no campaigners being subjected to their own fair share of abuse who were told to just cop it.

Penny Wong is the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and has been in the chamber since 2002. A few years ago she was opposed to gay marriage but had since changed her position and became a poster girl for the YES campaign. In 2002 her brother committed suicide, and not too long after she came out of the closet as a lesbian. Despite her lifestyle choices, she claims she is a Christian, that is part of the degenerate Uniting Church. She strives to destroy the many freedoms that Australians currently enjoy, and has promoted the SJW cause within the Labor party.

Sarah Hanson-Young is the Greens federal education spokesperson. Despite the Greens claiming to be against politicians perks she has been one of the biggest spenders on her travel entitlement in the parliament. This included a $4,000 whale watching trip with her daughter, when this was exposed in the media she played the victim stating she had to balance her work responsibilities with parenting as a single mum and her critics were “grumpy old white men”. In 2017 she was also was known for her weekly segment on Sunrise with Pauline Hanson where among getting triggered by Hanson’s views also claimed Hanson’s criticism of Islam would provoke the next Islamic terror attack despite the left always claiming terror has nothing to do with Islam.

Lisa Wilkinson is the former Today Show co-host that quit her prime-time television gig due to jealousy, envy, and nasty feminist attitudes. Lisa declined to re-sign her contract as it fell $200,000 short of the salary of her co-host Karl Stefanovic. Not only does the pay-gap not exist, one needs to understand the reason she was getting paid less wasn’t due to her gender but the fact that she wasn’t as good as Karl at the job at hand and didn’t have the popularity or skill he possessed. She has had many moments in her career which delighted the left such as when she called Bill Shorten out for saying that women played a crucial supporting role to men in a family as he was assuming that females weren’t the breadwinners. She also had to mimic Karl’s comment on having worn the same suit every day and nobody noticing by wearing the same outfit herself twice in a row, just to make a point and take the spotlight. She is someone that will truly not be missed.

Tracey Spicer is a former newsreader turned feminist campaigner. She previously labelled Tony Abbott a creep when she fell for a fake photo of Abbott that went viral of him staring down Fiona Scott’s cleavage. Her man hatred runs so deep that she once wrote she did not want children seated next to men on planes because they are all potential predators. After the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and the #metoo movement was born, Spicer decided to spearhead a witch-hunt of the Australian entertainment industry and vowed to out 40 sexual predators. There have only been three who have been accused and most of that work was done by other journalists, so she is not doing well in her threat.

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