Its 2022 and the Left-wing Utopia has Arrived. (Satire)


The year of 2016 was the first time our Left-wing Utopian dream became possible. Conservative writer Milo Yiannopolous would be banned from all monopoly social media platforms. Thankfully, this created a floodgate effect and we began to witness hundreds of right-wing writers, commentators and content creators silenced over the coming years.

We began by demonetising their channels and pages so they could no longer afford food for their families and ultimately destroy their income stream. These racist, patriotic supremacists which included not only white people but also people of colour and minorities continued to fight for their liberty, free speech and self-determination for another year.

But unfortunately, they thought their rights were equal to ours and failed to realise our morally superior vision for a one ideological world order was to be the only way of the future. So, we did what the great left-wing fascists such as Stalin and Mussolini of our past did and began to disappear those who did not agree with us. Thankfully, this kept them silent for good!

The great thing was that by 2021, there was already 5 years of our stoic behaviour so all us left-wingers were completely desensitised, and it felt completely normal! In fact, we imagine it was quite similar to when nobody questioned what Stalin was doing with all of his power, and why would you question him? You wouldn’t want to be silenced right?

Now the world has never been better. The West has completely capitulated as we took away the pillars that it was founded on, free speech, individual rights and democracy. Because who wants to live in a world where you can vote for your government? We know we wouldn’t! We are so much more relaxed now that we don’t have to think about who to vote for, what offends us or how we can be more virtuous since no one is allowed to express themselves!   

Since the West is no more, China is now the world’s superpower and every nation around the world has an authoritarian one government system. Free speech is a distant memory, we are constantly under surveillance and anyone who still believes in democracy is a racist, xenophobic bigot. Our new Utopia is amazing, constantly being recorded makes you feel so safe. We are so glad big brother is here!  

Most of all though we are glad the West is paying for all its colonialism. Even though there have been over 40 empires throughout history who all took part in colonialism, that doesn’t matter. You should know by now that our utopia doesn’t deal with facts! Only our feelings! so be quiet you xenophobic, racist, Islamophobic, sexist, homophobic Western chauvinist!

Yours sincerely,

From anyone that thinks it’s ok for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to use political censorship. 

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