YouTuber exposes secret pedophile “community”


This is not fake news. This is all too real. Popular anti-SJW YouTuber Blaire White has exposed a secret community of pedophiles that lurk within the social media platform in her most recent video. Many conservatives would be left unsurprised considering we saw this coming, we warned about where the slippery slope would lead, and here we are.

White begins by explaining a “problem” in You Tube, which involves a community of You Tubers that are not discussed or criticised openly due to various reasons including the associated vulgarity that cannot be described using words.

White rightly questions “why more people are not talking about this” before mentioning how certain diseases and deranged (that’s an understatement) individuals make videos endorsing and celebrating pedophilia.

This is far worse than the recent scandal regarding Milo and his endorsement of sexual relationships between young teens and adults. This involves pre-pubescant “young kids”.

White then shows a snippet of a video by “Jenn”, who defends and justified pedophilia by stating that society is “too harsh” in judging pedophiles. She then goes on to say that children are capable of giving consent and willingly take part in sexual acts if only they were “introduced” to them.

Even more horrid is the fact that the video received more likes than dislikes, raising suspicions of an actual community hiding within social media that are intent on further degrading society to the worst possible level.

Another You Tuber named “Omnipolitics16” makes similar comments. The fact that these are not trolls is proven by their willingness to show their faces in public and talk about it.

White correctly brings up the slippery slope argument. The left constantly barrages the right by saying the slippery slope is a fallacy, yet these circumstances prove that the slippery slope is all too real. There’s a reason why people are against expanding “gay rights” or “transgender rights”, and that is because they understand that things will only get worse.

This also shows that fears against cultural Marxism are justified. It was Freud who used pseudo-scientific evidence to promote sex education in schools. And this is what it has led to. An underground pedophile movement is slowly coming out of the closet, and if nothing is done, society is on its way to something far worse than simply collapsing.


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