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The mainstream media died last year. This was because it failed to tell the other side of the story, the conservative, the politically incorrect or anything that was inconvenient to the narrative of the progressive left.

People were, and still are sick of this. We encounter the myopic, and biased one-sided coverage of the mainstream media on a daily basis, we have seen the bias, and the inadequacy of the mainstream media through their failure to even give a decent hearing to people who are weary of climate alarmism and to people who disagree with same-sex marriage to name only a few examples.

People are sick of being told what to think, and they are starting to rebel and people are looking for alternative sources of news and information that are more ‘facts based’ and less agenda driven.

The truth is, that the media is there to serve the public, or should I not say, ‘the public’ but should I say more specifically their customers.  The media failed to realise that at least half of the population (their customer base) are right of centre and that even fewer ‘lefty’s’ prescribe to the radical social programming and politically correct tripe that the media are pushing.

If the media are not exploring both sides of the story, then they are acting as activists and therefore are not doing their job. Their job is to find the facts, and not to cheerlead for their ‘progressive’ team, and if they have a bias that is fine, but they should present themselves as a progressive or a conservative outlet, and they should not try and trick people into believing they are ‘fair and balanced’.

This cheerleading, disguised as journalism has caused middle Australians to turn off their TV’s and close their newspapers because they are sick of hearing the and reading the same generic and shallow arguments over and over again.  They are sick of not hearing the other side of the story. Australians are smart, yet pragmatic people. They realise the left-wing bias on the ABC, SBS and breakfast television. Yet, because they realise this, it leaves them empty, and unfulfilled. It leaves them with a desire and a thirst for truth.

This thirst for truth has been the precipitating cause of the rise of new political, news and commentary outlets, and shows on YouTube such as ‘Mark Latham’s Outsiders’ and ‘Independent Man’. The reason why these stations are booming is because they’re not held back by the constraints of political correctness, but instead their mission is to ‘tell the other side of the story’, and stick to straight talk, after all the average joe, the middle Australian doesn’t like when people beat around the bush.

Not only is this just an Australian thing, but it is global.  We can see people turning their backs to the mind control of the mainstream media, and this protest turned into a revolution of sorts.

The media revolution of 2016 was a revolution in the way people perceive the political and news climate in our society.  The media revolution of 2017, saw the gate keepers of information, such as CNN decried as ‘fake news’, and arguably this revolution was spearheaded by Trump, and the Trump train who challenged the authority of the politically correct left-wing establishment.

Figures like Alex Jones (as crazy as he is, his right about a few things), Paul Joseph Watson, Gavin McInnis and Lauren Southern through there fact driven and straightforward analysis, lead a revolution of their own with, these ‘alt’ media pioneers along with Trump challenged the conventional and ill-founded wisdom of the Obama era and to expose the lies, corruption and abuse of Hillary Clinton.

These ‘alt’ media figures who get bigger numbers in some cases than most cable shows have pointed the torch of liberty, truth and reason to the monolithic, and regressive media establishment to expose their ilk and their lies. YouTube, and Facebook, despite their best efforts at censorship are the new faces of media, and they are the new gate keepers, and it is now our role to keep an eye on them to safe guard truth and liberty.  But thank God, we defeated the current mainstream media, and their mind control. But our fight goes on.


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Jacob Watts was The Unshackled’s Editor-at-Large and co-host of The Unshackled Waves during 2017.
Jacob Watts was The Unshackled’s Editor-at-Large and co-host of The Unshackled Waves during 2017.