Who Will Lead Australia’s Next Opposition?


My stance on the upcoming election is simple – A conservative supporting the Liberal Party in Australia 2019 is displaying the same utter hypocrisy of a leftist supporting Hillary Clinton in America 2016.

The things that conservatives are asking for – a response to Islam, immigration control, tax reform, a rejection of climate alarmism, a rejection of the globalist erosion of sovereignty, a rejection of post-modernist degeneracy – is not only the antithesis of what the Liberal Party is actually offering, but the Liberal Party has a track record of being as bad or worse than Labor on every single point.

Just as a tolerant pacifist liberal voting for the corrupt racist warmongering rape-apologist that is Hillary Clinton is betraying everything they claim to believe in for a nonsensical allegiance to a hollow political movement, so too is a patriotic and sensible conservative voting for the open-borders politically correct shortsighted elitists of the Liberal Party betraying everything they claim to believe in, for allegiance to a party that has betrayed them at every opportunity. 

Furthermore, just as voting for Hillary for
the exclusive purpose of “stopping Trump” is actually destructive to
their beliefs about how society should be governed, so too is a conservative
voting for the Liberals today with the excuse of “stopping Labor.”
You don’t get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want by voting
for the party that actively opposes what you want and promotes what you don’t

The key advantage Australia has over America is that Australia is not a two-party state. Our preference based voting system encourages dissenting views to state their case. So unlike leftists in America we can look at the Liberal Party, conclude there is nothing worth salvaging and cut our losses, where the Americans’ only option is reform.

Which means the upcoming election is not about protest votes to punish the Liberal Party for its betrayals; it’s about selecting a successor party. The nature of this election is not Labor vs Liberal, its Liberal vs Conservative vs One Nation vs Liberal Democrats  vs Conservative Nationals. Those who vote Labor/Greens are abstaining from the decision, which means this election is purely a conversation to be had by conservative voters about what they actually want from their representatives.

Do we want the relentless pragmatism of One
Nation? The rigid principles of the Conservatives? The freedom obsessed Liberal
Democrats? Or the non-compromising Conservative Nationals? Or will we just surrender to the left and
vote Liberal?

This is not just a question of what we as
individual voters want, it’s a question of who we are and who we want to be as
a country. And this is a question we should all consider carefully.

Labor has already won the election, that’s
a given, so there’s no point voting for whoever has the best chance against
Labor, they all have an equal chance which is zero. What we are voting on is
who is going to lead the opposition. Who do you want leading the opposition?
Another Liberal stooge? Or someone who actually represents us?

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