Senator Fraser Anning vows to repeal Gay marriage, Gay activists furious.


Senator Fraser Anning has released the first policies for his new Conservative National Party and one proposal in particular has raised eyebrows amongst Australia’s Gay activists.

The Queensland senator has declared on his website and multiple social media platforms that his new party will fight to repeal Australia’s same-sex marriage laws which were codified last year after a contentious plebiscite where almost 40% of the country voted No to any change.

Senator Anning has declared that he is: “Committed to repealing same sex marriage laws. Marriage can only ever be the union between a man and a woman.”


When the gay marriage bill came up for the senate vote in November of 2017 Anning was one of only 12 Senators willing to publicly stand against it and represent the large minority of Australians against the change to the law.

It’s worth remembering that a week later in the lower house despite being supposedly outspoken opponents of Gay Marriage Coalition MPs Tony Abbott, Andrew Hastie, Stuart Robert, Michael Sukkar, Kevin Andrews, Rick Wilson, Bert van Manen and George Christensen refused to vote against the bill. Instead they displayed a quite embarrassing level of moral cowardice by running away from the gloating celebration of the supporters of the change and instead scuttling outside the chamber to hide. That left only three coalition MPs as well as crossbencher Bob Katter to cut lonely figures sitting in silent opposition to the redefinition of the most fundamental social institution of civilisation.

Anning has been the victim of a mainstream media blackout but this hasn’t prevented writers in the “Gay” media from picking up on this proposed rollback of so-called “marriage equality” with gay magazine Out in Perth publishing a splutter of outrage over the plan.

The contentious policy is part of the “family values” objective of Anning’s proposed new party in which he’s announced his opposition not just to same-sex marriage, but also to abortion, euthanasia and the so-called “Safe Schools” program under the banner of restoring traditional Australian values.

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