WATCH: Alt-Media Coverage of St Kilda Beach Political Meeting


The Unshackled has done it’s upmost to provide not just our followers, but all Australians, the real story and objective reporting about the Political Meeting at St Kilda Beach about African Crime that occurred on Saturday.

It has proven quite a challenge for us to counter all the hysterical mainstream media fake news reporting, new media lies are being published on an hourly basis.

But thankfully the Unshackled is not alone in the Australian alt-media community in providing rational analysis of the events at St Kilda. So we would like to share with our followers the other news sources they should look to for real news.

The Rational Rise

James Fox Higgins who comes from a libertarian background operates the YouTube channel the Rational Rise. He has conducted two special livestreams of his James Fox Higgins Show.

The first goes through the actual speeches given at the St Kilda Meeting and how the make up of the crowd was more diverse than what the media, and the left alleged, and that they weren’t there for a racist cause.

The second analyzes the mainstream media’s reporting on the meeting. James goes through various articles that have been written by mainstream journalists who called it a Nazi rally, along with condemning the attendance of Senator Fraser Anning, he then debunks their assumptions and hyperbole and does some naming and shaming.

The Dusty Bogan

Ben Shand aka The Dusty Bogan is Australia’s most well known Proud Boy, and was also the nation’s most high profile victim of the Proud Boy Facebook purge last year. He is now completely banned from the platform so now solely broadcasts from his YouTube channel.

In his video commentary he relates the media treatment of those at St Kilda Beach to his own experience of being on the receiving end of fake news reporting when an anti-Safe Schools rally he attended was called a neo-Nazi rally.

Dia Beltran

Vlogger Dia Beltran was another alt-media personality present at the meeting and complied her own video report, along with appearing on the latest episode of the Unshackled Waves. Her report begins with a summary of Melbourne’s summer of African crime before interviewing organizer Neil Erikson, keynote speaker Blair Cottrell, special guest Fraser Anning and Vietnamese community representative Howie.

Australian Meditations

A collection of raw footage along with mainstream media reports and interviews is being kept on the Australian Meditations YouTube channel who was also present on the ground at St Kilda.

Although the mainstream media is still where most ordinary people get their news, the growing alt-media community in Australia, made possible through the power of the internet, and easily accessible, means that fake news is now more easily exposed and mainstream reporters are being held to account.

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