Malcolm Turnbull is certain to lose his 30th Newspoll when it is released this Sunday night. The anticipation of the result has already led to leadership speculation with the conservative Monash forum being formed and moderate MPs reportedly deserting Turnbull’s leadership.

Leftists while they would never vote for a Liberal Prime Minister, they are still horrified by the prospect of a moderate like Malcolm Turnbull being replaced by a conservative Prime Minister. This is probably motivated by the fact a conservative might be able to win the next election. This sentiment was echoed by Project co-host Waleed Aly in a monologue last night.

In an attempt at comedy Waleed claimed that we needed to protect Tony Abbott’s record of losing 30 consecutive Newspolls (which he later conceded was held by Julia Gillard) and deliberately chose unflattering photos of Abbott during the monologue.

Waleed then urged his audience if they get a call from Newspoll this weekend to say they support the government in an attempt to rig the poll and in Waleed’s words make sure Malcolm doesn’t steal this benchmark like he stole Tony’s job.

Given Newspoll is conducted with rigorous demographic sampling and has been historical accurate it is doubtful that the less than 500,000 (and falling) lefties who watch the Project every night could rig a scientific poll such as this. It’s a bit more of an ask than getting your viewers to vote to win you Logies.

They are also forgetting that the reason Malcolm Turnbull has so far lost 29 consecutive Newspolls is because there is a majority of voters who would not vote for his government and would be happy to get rid of him sooner rather than later. In fact many Coalition voters may actually tell Newspoll they don’t support the government to get rid of Turnbull now.

Unfortunately for Waleed Turnbull will lose Newspoll number 30 and keep losing Newspolls after that and be more unpopular than Tony Abbott was. One record Turnbull is in no danger of breaking is Abbott’s 2013 election landslide win of 90 seats. Tony’s record there is well and truly safe.


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