Victory Against the Halal Certification Movement


Ordinary Australians have had yet another victory against the Islamization of Australia and the broader politically correct movement, with several major corporations confirming they would no longer be certifying many of their products as Halal.

The news was reported exclusively in the Daily Mail yesterday and the corporations named are breakfast cereal producers Kellogg’s and Sanitarium. Nestle will also stop Halal certification for their chocolate bars but will they will remain for their Milo, Nescafe and Maggi products.

Kellogg’s and Sanitarium claimed their products were already both Halal and Kosher and people who were seeking such products would already know this, so paying for certification was unnecessary. Well that was the official reason, of course these corporations would dare not say if they or their customers had a problem with where the certification fees were going.

Credit has to go to anti-Halal campaigners such as Kirralie Smith and Halal Choices for their education campaign about where halal money goes, as well as politicians such as Cory Bernardi, Pauline Hanson and George Christensen. Taking on the Halal certification movement is no easy task as you are dismissed as a crackpot conspiracy theorist by the mainstream media.

Of course, there is also intimidation by those in the halal certification industry. The President of Halal Certification Authority Mohamed El-Mouelhy sued Kirralie Smith and the Q Society for defamation over her Halal Choices videos. El-Mouelhy has previously stated the public have no right to know where the Halal certification fees go “What I do with my money is my business”.

El-Mouelhy was clearly upset at the recent decision by these three corporations, threatening that they would have a difficult time exporting their products to Islamic majority nations in the region such as Indonesia and Malaysia and blamed the public campaign against certification for the decision. I bet now he is regretting his arrogant refusal to disclose to the public where halal fees go and to reassure the public they are not going to fund radical Islamic causes.

This news is important because it shows that corporate Australia will not indulge in appeasement of Islam if enough of their customers express their concern about their dealings with Islamic organisations for an unnecessary certification process. If only corporate Australia would stop their appeasement of other social justice causes such as same sex marriage.

Corporations will ultimately always make a decision that benefits its bottom line, so it’s clear that the concerns of Australian consumers trumped those of the Islamic movement. If only we can have the same sort of influence over our government when it comes to Islamic appeasement. Sadly, that will need a much larger public campaign for any changes to happen.

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