British values and anti-Islam campaigner Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon has been found guilty of contempt of court for livestreaming outside a Muslim gang grooming trial in Leeds in May 2018.

Initial Imprisonment

Robinson was initially summarily sentenced to 13 months in prison following his arrest outside the courthouse with a suppression order issued to prevent the media reporting on his imprisonment. The suppression order was eventually lifted.

The fact that Robinson was able to be suddenly taken off the street and sent to prison for over a year sent shockwaves through the UK. It spurred the Free Tommy movement believing him to be political prisoner for telling the truth about migrant rape gangs.

Robinson was released from prison on August 1 that year after the English Court of Appeal quashed his contempt of court conviction and ordered a retrial. Robinson lost 40lb in prison as he refused to eat the prepared prison meals due to them being prepared by Muslim inmates.

Recent Activism

Since his release from prison Robinson participated in the Brexit Betrayal rallies and was hired by UKIP leader Gerard Batten as an advisor. Following the premiere of his Panodrama documentary exposing the BBC he was deplatformed from Facebook and later YouTube.

Most recently Robinson ran as independent candidate for the United Kingdom European Parliament elections for the North West England region obtaining 2.2% of the vote.


A retrial was ordered by the Attorney-General of the UK Geoffrey Cox who deemed it in the public interest. The retrial took place on July 5 at the UK’s High Court where two judges found him guilty of contempt of court. They found his livestreaming “amounted to serious interference with the administration of justice.”

Robinson denied that his livestreaming breached reporting restrictions claiming he only broadcast information that was already published by other news outlets and in the public domain.

Robinson was released on bail following the finding of guilt with sentencing to take place on July 11, possibly facing another two years in prison. His supporters had gathered outside the High Court to hear the verdict and chanted “shame on you”.

Upon leaving court Robinson said “So, I have been convicted of that – causing them anxieties, I’ve been convicted of that, I’ve been convicted of taking a picture of someone outside a court room”.

His former political colleague Gerard Batten, said: “Tommy Robinson has been found guilty of contempt of court for doing what the so-called MSM do every day of the week. If it had been a jury trial he might have got justice”.

Although Robinson may now be silenced these Muslims grooming gangs continue to plague the UK. More suspects are arrested and charged and thousands more victims uncovered.

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