The push to destroy Australia Day


Lately it is the fashionable thing for the social justice warriors (SJW) to attack our national day referring to it as Invasion Day. On twitter the hashtag #changethedate continues to be shared by the extreme left who want nothing more than to bring about the complete destruction of our national identity, western values and culture. Back in August 2016 an online petition via the popular site was started asking the ABC’s youth radio station Triple J to change the date of the Hottest 100 as the day represented the invasion and colonization of the Aboriginal people according to the author of the petition. Thankfully the ABC has not bowed down to the 5000 plus SJW’s that signed the petition and has kept the countdown on Australia Day.

This was followed up in November by the extraordinary decision by Fremantle council to axe its Australia Day celebrations in favour for a ‘culturally-inclusive alternative to be held on January 28th instead. The decision sparked major controversy across social media and in the mainstream media. Patriot group Reclaim Australia organised the “Reclaim Australia Day Fremantle 2017” event in response to the councils move. Even the Turnbull led government threatened to take action against the council by removing their right to host citizenship ceremonies unless they moved the citizenship ceremony back to the 26th January 2017. Whilst the Fremantle council bowed down to the pressure from the Australia government and agreed to hold the citizenship ceremonies at Fremantle Town Hall on Australia Day, it has not reinstated the fireworks and is still proceeding with the alternative event on the 28th January 2017.

This was followed by the Meat and Livestock Association’s (MLA) over the top politically correct advertisement. The MLA who have been notorious for creating amusing and often controversial Australia Day advertising decided to completely change course this year by dumping their long running lamb advertisements featuring Sam Kekovich. The latest advertisement fails to even mention Australian Day, instead deciding to focus on the controversy around Australia Day pushing the invasion debate. They then decided to tackle the current refugee problem by telling us it was time to embrace the new boat people because we are all boat people according to the advertisement, and then to top off the cultural Marxist love fest they added the float people in an attempt at humour and of course to push the LGBTI agenda further.

By this stage most Australians were completely fed up and disgusted with the continued attack on our national day, but of course the left were not deterred with the socialist NT News journalist Jill Poulsen jumping on the bandwagon with a pathetic piece titled “I am a proud non-supporter of Australia Day.” According to Poulsen “it is a fact that on January 26, 1788 our forefathers invaded a land and started genocide of its native people.” This is not fact at all, it is nothing but an outrageous claim, whilst there were sadly many incidents of major clashes between settlers and Aboriginals resulting in a large number of deaths, it was never the intention of the initial colonisers to eradicate Aboriginal people. The Australian people have well and truly acknowledged those past events and done a great deal to unite all Australians.

At the end of Poulsen’s piece she had this gem to say “I don’t care, I just can’t think of anything worse than yahooing with a group of people who think its fine to rub salt into the wounds of people who understandably are deeply traumatised by remembering January 26, 1788.” Okay let’s be realistic for just one second, ‘traumatised’ really? Do you know the meaning of the word, no? Let me share this with you; “subject to lasting shock as a result of a disturbing experience or physical injury.” Okay so Poulsen correct me if I’m wrong but for anyone to have experienced lasting shock or physical injury from the events of 1788 then they would have to be at least 229-years-old. Yes there are people in society who have anger towards their perception of the events that occurred back then but not a single person alive today actually experienced these events. Instead they are living in a country that has prospered as a result of British settlement and they have the opportunity to be a full and equal part of our great nation. The only reason people are still angry is because the media and SJW’s continue to push an agenda of division instead of unity.

Whilst Poulsen likes to divide Australians in her opinion piece and try and create the feeling of white guilt within her readers, she never once recognises the contribution that British settlement brought to this nation. Australia is listed as number two on the United Nations Human Development Index (HDI) which measures statistics of life expectancy, education and per capita income indicators. The latest measurement took place in 2015, which is a pretty amazing accomplishment for our nation, 2nd in the world on these key indicators. This is what we have achieved as a nation and this is what we celebrate on the 26th January each year. We are a proud and prosperous nation, yes we have made mistakes but we have and continue to do plenty to make this nation a great place for ALL Australians.

I invite each and every Australian regardless of their background to celebrate Australia Day with each other and acknowledge how lucky we really are.

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