The Left’s Plans After Same Sex Marriage

The passing of same sex marriage into law was seen as a major victory by the left. Many of them had spent years campaigning for it, often using their typical standover tactics. Now that the left has realised this goal they are now pondering what is the next cause they are going to campaign for. This question has also concerned many conservatives, given the scale of the left’s victory in the postal survey they have been wondering which radical cause will left try and unleash on Australia now?

We were told throughout the marriage law postal survey that issues such as Safe Schools and radical LGBT sex and gender education were red herrings. But no less than 24 hours after it was passed into law an article was pushed on both The Conversation and SBS which argued that the passing of marriage equality meant that Australia now needed LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education in schools.

Despite also being told that Safe Schools was not a sex education program and only an anti-bullying program the author of the article Melissa King an Associate professor at the University of Technology Sydney states that LGBTQI+-inclusive sexuality education includes information on “values, relationships, consent and pleasure, and provides information about access to relevant health services” and that students want information on “sexual pleasure, intimacy and love”. Sounds like a sex education program to me.

This article was followed yesterday by another article in the Guardian by Simon Copeland who is a prominent LGBT rights advocate. He argued that with the passage of marriage equality the next step should be the embracing of Non-monogamous relationships. He also has contempt for the fact that religious organisations have exemptions from anti-discrimination laws and wants them repealed, so much for the vow of same sex marriage campaigners that religious freedoms would be protected.

Copeland also bizarrely ties in the issue of asylum seekers as something marriage equality campaigners should focus on. His argument is that because some of them are queer that automatically means they should be settled in Australia. I wonder if his views are the same for the rest of men on Manus Island given that the areas with the highest no vote were migrant areas. Is he aware that his position would actually result in more no voters being imported into Australia?

There has also been a poster that has been shared around social media which lists all the issues the left wants same sex marriage campaigners to focus on now, under the heading ‘don’t leave your LGBTIQA+ family behind’.

Multiple indigenous issues are listed such as deaths in custody, indigenous incarceration, the buzz term of colonialism and even the advocacy of prison abolition. The role of police is a target with them wanting to end supposed policy brutality in Australia and they even wish to disarm the police. They want more rights for drug users and drug decriminalisation. They want to tear down what they call our border regime and mandatory detention. Then there are also the demands to spend more public money in things such as public housing, fighting poverty and homelessness and what they term welfare justice and economic justice. This is on top of the never-ending fight against queerphobia, transphobia and cissexism.

To a lot of people most of these political causes are lunacy which no ordinary person would consider supporting. But you have to keep in mind that as the marriage postal survey demonstrated the left have an enormous campaigning apparatus behind them. They have plenty of funds, manpower and of course a sympathetic media and cultural elite who are only too willing to push their causes.

If anyone thinks that leftists now think their work is done and they will simply go home, they are being very naïve. Don’t be surprised if the issues that have been described above make their way into the public debate very soon, this means that those on the right who have been fighting the left’s agenda need to remain constantly vigilant and be even more prepared for the next battles to come.

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