Anyone half-intelligent can see that the ABC is run for and supported by the left side of politics. The most ardent supporters only hail from the left.

You didn’t need to witness the ABC’s latest abomination on Monday night’s Q&A program where an all-feminist panel promoted political violence against men, which went unchallenged by long-time ABC personality Fran Kelly.

The ABC is at war with wider Australia, from its lies about ADF personnel,  campaigns against returned soldiers, lies about youth detention and lies about systemic racism in Australia, to constant attacks on Isreal and Israelis, smears at our police services, campaigns against border security and saying detention centres are the equivalent of concentration camps.

The ABC ceased being OUR ABC many years ago. It is not even remotely balanced. It is becoming clearer that the ABC thinks it has found the revealed truth and must impose it on all others. The role of others is to labour as serfs to the ABC and pay its progressive elite staff and professional malcontents through tax dollars.

The ABC is an angry organisation made up of social justice warriors and it is becoming clear the left progressives cannot be appeased. They wish to keep you subservient and obedient and to dictate every aspect of your life.  There is no other option, given the group-think that is now integrated into the ABC’s DNA, than to defund and sell the ABC!

Unless you prescribe to their catechisms and ideology, you are a bigot, or right-wing, or a nazi. The common threads are that Australia is deeply racist, conservatives are mean-spirited and greedy or just plain evil. They manufacture an ideology of US vs THEM, they put us into warring tribes and if you are not in the approved ideology of theirs, you are on the outer. 

The left are not pro-working-class, they are anti-rich and anti-wealth creation. They are not pro-equality, they are anti-excellence.  They are not pro-charity, they are anti-achievement.

They will club you endlessly with more grievances and victimhood they have thought up and you can then only atone through personal submissions or more heavy state interventions.

They create a huge victim class in need of their enlightened help and intervention. This is desirable for them, because victims are easier to control. Those who can stand on their own two feet, can show thrift and endeavour, are a reproach to their bitterness and anger.

Unfortunately, many millennials were raised on participation trophies and never even got into an arm wrestle. However,  little do they realise that they will lose – and lose hard.

Many believe they are entitled and can create a genderless utopia of egalitarianism where we all find inner peace. It is the nihilistic dead-end of the religion of leftism. If someone violates any of these tenets, forget it. The mob, of which the ABC is a part, will destroy them.

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