Riots Grip German City of Chemnitz for Third Day.

For the third day now riots have gripped the German city of Chemnitz, bringing the city to a standstill as the rage of the German volk has once more reared its head.

Following the stabbing death of German citizen Daniel H which also saw a 33 & 38 year old hospitalized respectively. German police placed a 21 year old Iraqi and 22 year old Syrian in custody with suspicions of manslaughter.

This has incensed the local population to the point that at least 1000 people have taken to the streets to voice their outrage, anger and frustration. There have been reports of demonstrators chasing down and assaulting those deemed to appear foreign in a fashion very much reminiscent of the 2005 Cronulla beach riots.

Photograph: Matthias Rietschel/Reuters

Chancellor Angela Merkel has denounced the demonstrators “Such riotous assemblies, the hunting down of people who appear to be from different backgrounds or the attempt to spread hate in the streets, these have no place in our country,” via spokesman Steffen Seibert.


It remains to be seen whether the German government will act to curb xenophobic sentiment by changes to migration policy or censorship and repression. The ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party has lost ground to the ascendant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party who tweeted “If the state can no longer protect the citizen, then people will go on the streets and protect themselves.”

The state has the choice to either ignore and silence its critics like Nazis, or stand up for the rights of natural born citizens to live in peaceful homogenous communities. The riots in Chemnitz are just a symptom of a much larger underlying resentment. 

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