Maryland Democrat Gov Blames Florida Republican Gov for Shooting; Gun Was Bought in Maryland


Yesterday, Maryland’s Democrat Governor Martin O’Malley took aim at Republican Governor of Florida Rick Scott and the NRA on Twitter:

“Another tragic mass shooting in Florida. Republican Governor Rick Scott proudly boasted that he passed more Pro-gun, NRA legislation than any other governor. Time to close the chapter on deadly pandering. #WinBackYourState, Florida.”

There’s only one problem: Jacksonville Sherriff’s office had already revealed the day before that the shooter acquired his gun legally in Governor O’Malley’s State of Marylands. NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch chimed in to correct the record:

“The handgun was legally purchased in your state, Governor, which has a 30 day waiting period, registration, permit to purchase, may-issue LTC, and in 2013 you signed a law prohibiting involuntary institutionalized persons from possessing firearms. This isn’t Gov. Scott’s fault.”

Did Governor O’Malley just not bother to inform himself of the facts before commenting, or was this a deliberate Democrat effort at narrative control? This follows a common thread in the US left’s propagandising; politicising of a tragedy for partisan gain before the facts are settled. A reasonable onlooker can only conclude that this is because the facts tend to counter their circle-fits-the-square argument of making the US safer by dismantling the second amendment.

Ironically enough, this is a clear example of leftists engaging in exactly what they demonize the right of doing in the current Mollie Tibbetts case. The difference is, the right actually bothered to wait for facts to be established.




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