Malcolm Turnbull Announces Government Grant for Bachar Houli Cup


On the same day that Christopher Pyne was caught boasting about how the left of the Liberal Party has gained control of the party, Malcolm Turnbull made time today to announce another left wing policy. We have previously reported on the leftist AFL devotion to Islam, this is spearheaded by the game’s most prominent Muslim player Richmond’s Bachar Houli.

The AFL through its multicultural program holds the annual Bachar Houli Cup which is an AFL tournament for students in Years 9 & 10 attending Islamic schools in Western Sydney. Houli has also founded his own AFL Academy to encourage more Muslim men to play AFL and be Muslim community leaders. The AFL proudly celebrated the beginning Ramadan last month with the GWS Giants team holding their own Iftar dinner.

Turnbull was appearing at the AFL’s Eid event (to celebrate the end of Ramadan)  to announce that his government would be handing out a $625,000 grant to the Bachar Houli Cup. Turnbull praised the leadership of Houli and his outreach to the Muslim community. Turnbull was also eager to emphases that the grant would also help young Muslim girls play AFL as well.

Turnbull’s praise of Houli would appear to have been mistimed as Houli has just been reported for striking Carlton player Jed Lamb with a swinging arm to his face in an off the ball incident. Lamb did not return to the field for the rest of the match suffering a concussion and will undergo scans.

If the AFL wants to spend its own money on these multicultural programs that is one thing (though it should consider the views of its fans who pay their money to watch the game). But it is another thing for the federal government to hand out such a large amount of taxpayers’ money to a sports body to promote Islam in its game. Many Australians could think of many more important things our government could be devoting funds to. Turnbull finished by wishing Australian Muslims a Happy Eid Mubarak.

Despite this tough talk on terror recently it is announcements like this that signal that he still doesn’t recognize the problem Australia has with Islamism and the concerns ordinary Australians have with its effects.

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