Only 660 of 854,870 Net Migrants Between 2011-2016 Were From Europe: ABS


“…taking the time to look back through each piece of tabled legislation, we discover that several occupations such as cook, dancer, librarian, photographer, and baker have been on the skill shortage visa schedule since 2005.”

It is often touted by those on the left that the immigration crisis claimed by the right is a fabrication, or an exaggeration. In fact, those critical of immigration on the right often too lack the knowledge that immigration is as serious as it is. They believe that immigration is, for the most part, at an acceptable rate and is managed in accordance to filling skill shortages.

However, this is not the case. We are in a real and genuine crisis. Within the statistics of the ABS — statistics that hardly anyone pays attention to it seems — lies a reality that is far more dangerous and far scarier than anyone could ever imagine. If you have ever received a lecture from a left-wing or even right-wing proponent of immigration for an hour between 2011 and 2016, 19.5 immigrants were on average admitted within that same hour. Of those 19.5, only 0.014 of them were European while 11.486 of them were from third world countries.

This culminates into a total of only 660 (six-hundred-and-sixty) net immigrants from the entirety of Europe, from Iceland to Russia, while up to 504,010 were born in third world countries. This is a serious threat to not only our national security but also our cultural integrity and the longevity of our nation as a Western nation. These are very alarmist words, but we need extreme alarmism in the face of these stark numbers.

Don’t be fooled by the statistics that say a majority of foreign born residents are from the United Kingdom– this statistic doesn’t exclude the older Australians who moved here after the war and throughout the 1900s; the statistic includes my grandma who has lived in Australia for more than six decades, for example. English immigration, along with European immigration as a whole, is over. We are now dominated by immigration from Asia and the third world, all of whom flood in on the express invitation of the government of Australia.

And while 414,710 of issued visas are for skill shortages, what’s important is to actually look at what professions are considered to be in ‘shortage’. There are no statistics as to what professions are being filled, but we can access what professions are applicable. In fact, taking the time to look back through each piece of tabled legislation, we discover that several occupations such as cook, dancer, librarian, photographer, and baker have been on the skill shortage visa schedule since 2005.

Along with the above occupations, we see other occupations on the schedule such as plumber, welder, bricklayer, butcher, hairdresser, and footballer. The bar we have set for foreign migrants to be “skilled” is extremely low. And how do we even qualify those migrants from nations with poor infrastructure? Are we to be called racist or bigoted if we were to challenge the genuity of a migrant’s claim to experience, despite having an uncontactable employer who he claims has no phone line?

Even our security check is subpar, relying entirely upon the competency of a foreign nation to successfully indict migrants of crimes which presumes an effective and uncorrupted police force, and then a general conduct character assessment which is highly subjective and reliant entirely upon the immediate impressions of a migrant.

How can we say that this at all is a sufficient assessment on the character of incoming migrants? How can we, as concerned citizens, truly understand and know the operations of immigration when it is so obfuscated behind closed doors? Surely it is not unfair or unreasonable that we may feel anxiety when we are accepting hundreds of thousands of third world countrymen into our nation without a proper awareness of the security measures taken against these people?

Ring the alarm bells, blow the horns, shout and make noise! Politicians do not care about the people of this nation, our only method of revolt is through organisation! We must be adamant and loud, presenting resilience against the subversion of our culture and society that is being pressed upon us by the forces of disintegration within the establishment.

We must resist this beast dragging us to the sacrificial pyre of false progress, the beast that seeks to draw out our entrails and replace them with millions of lost souls; only to sew us back up again, turning us into the national equivalent of frankenstein. It is not only an injustice against the identity of Australia but also an injustice to the identity of migrants. We cannot permit this to continue.

Preserve your country.

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