Navratilova and McEnroe’s Infantile Court Stunt

Through their infantile stand Navratilova and McEnroe have basically said Margaret Court’s tennis achievements be damned. She is an enemy of the state.

Natratilova and McEnroe

The sensitivity and virtue signaling sweepstakes are defining many people’s existence. Just look at retired tennis players Martina Navratilova and John McEnroe decision to unfurl a banner on center court requesting that the Margaret Court Arena be renamed Evonne Goolagong Arena.

Even Tennis Australia who stated would only recognize Court’s tennis achievements and condemned her views of LGBT politics called this stunt a breach of protocol and got the pair to apologize for their braze grandstanding.

Margaret Court‘s tennis achievements and celebrating the 50th anniversary of her four grand slams in a single year be damned. Her crime is wrong thinking and being too Christian by believing in the biblical definition of marriage and gender.

Navratilova and McEnroe may as well say Margaret Court is an enemy of the state. They have chosen to take offense at Margaret’s views and you are hoping to be compensated for that offense by having her court renamed. To be offended somehow makes you feel important.

There is nothing like saying love has won one minute then wanting all the bigots to disappear and be exiled from public life the next.  That’s the so-called tolerance you see.

Words are now deemed violence. Martina and John if someone does not agree with you that’s part and parcel of living in a free society. Their relentless campaign against Court they justify as wanting to protect minority groups such as LGBT people.

The truth of the matter that the person who the better protector of the vulnerable is Court speaking out against schoolchildren being subjected to the Safe Schools program and transgender ideology.

The PC thought police are abundant on Twitter. It provides an instant audience amplified by certain corners of the media. People are actively seeking to be outraged and upset and wishing for punishment on the perpetrators.

Consider what happens when a person from the victim brigade hears something they do not want to hear. They cry ‘sellout’ or ‘traitor’. But attacks like this are fine by the social justice warriors. Because that is tolerance.

Minority groups are often used as pawns by activists. As soon as they do not toe the line, they are attacked. Plenty of those who identify as LGBT still believe Margaret Court’s unmatched achievements should be both recognized and celebrated

If Martina and John are upset by words and actions it is your learned response. Instead of acknowledging perhaps uncomfortable truths, or people having a different worldview and way of life, it is much easier to label it bigotry or hatred. Claiming offence is just a convenient way to silence others who challenge your beliefs.

Navratilova and McEnroe believe they are fighting a civil rights battle against bigotry and ignorance. They may see themselves as modeling Martin Luther King Jr.

The LGBT lifestyle meets none of the criteria for civil rights. In order to achieve protection the trait that distinguishes them must be inherited, innate,  or immutable. Contrary to the ‘born this way’ brigade LGBT does not meet any of those criteria. LGBT is not a civil right. LGBT by the way is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual, not Liberty, Guns, Beer and Trump.

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