London terrorist attacks confirmed, attacker shouted “this is for Allah”.


Two incidents that occurred in London overnight have been confirmed as terrorist attacks. Three incidents were at the forefront, but the event at Vauxhall has been treated as a separate unrelated stabbing incident. We would like to thank the London Ambulance and the Metropolitan Police for their service during these times of horror.

The two terrorist attacks include a white van ramming over pedestrians on London Bridge, and another incident at Borough Market. One of the terrorists on London Bridge shouted “this is for Allah”, confirming the link between this terrorist attack and Islam.

The big question right now is, how many more terrorist attacks does it take for our leaders to do something practical to protect their people? This is only the latest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom, with the Manchester bombing having occurred only a few weeks earlier that killed 22 people and injuted 60.

As always, the response to this attack by the left has been pathetic at best, with hashtags and superficial quotes being circulated around social media instead of the truth. Those that have taken the courage to circulate the truth have been dismissed by the left as Islamophobic or irrational.

Some have flaunted their ignorance by warning others to not spread fake information regarding Islam, despite all the signs that show this incident is just another example of Islamic violence taken hold of Europe. Even London’s Metropolitan Police have tweeted a warning to all Twitter users to “use common sense and restraint in circulating pics and videos of incidents”, which is just codeword for “be politically correct and don’t hurt the feelings of Muslims”.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted a graphic that serves as a form of guidance on how to respond during a terrorist emergency. It states: “Run, Hide, Tell”, in large graphics. Nothing could be more accurate in alluding to the sorry state of Europe right now. Alt-right commentator Mike Cernovich rightly called this a “Cuck Mindset”, symbolising the extent to which Europe has deteriorated thanks to incompetent leaders and a declining society.

Witnesses have described that ten bodies have been lined up on top of London Bridge. While our hearts and minds are with them, we acknowledge that enough is enough. Those are ten bodies in a grand scheme that includes of hundreds of victims thanks to a combination of globalism, interventionism, and Islam. It is clear that Europe’s globalist experiment has failed, and its people are now suffering.

While superficial Twitter uses #PrayForLondon and change their profile filters, we continue to follow in Pauline Hanson’s footsteps in praying for a Muslim Ban. Some eyewitnesses have revealed their preoccupation with tolerating all religions and going on as if nothing happened, showing that a declining society is just as much to blame as Islam for this new norm of terrorism.

For some people, Islamaphobia may be the main concern. For us, the safety and security of our people is our concern. We hope this incident transforms to common sense when British citizens vote in the General Election. Enough is enough. Things have to change if the United Kingdom, and the West, are to survive.



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