Leftists Responses to Ethnic Communities Opposing Same Sex Marriage


During the same sex marriage plebiscite debate where our individual votes are supposedly confidential it is being demand from almost everyone that we state our position. This isn’t just being demanded from people but every corporate or community organisation as well. Of course, it is only acceptable for them to advocate for a yes vote.

It is interesting that the left which normally rallies against the evil corporates always express their thrill when another major corporation expresses their support for same sex marriage. However they feel a bit more confronted when a migrant, ethnic or religious group expresses their opposition to same sex marriage. They don’t launch into their usual tirade of bigotry and homophobia as that would appear racist or intolerant.

So far Chinese communities in Australia have joined the no campaign distributing information materials around their local areas. There was also the Uluru Bark Petition presented by indigenous leaders which stated that man woman marriage and mother father parenting were sacred indigenous institutions. This week we saw Islamic leaders take a pretty hardline stance against same sex marriage with Keysar Trad comparing gay relationships with incest.

Of course, the fact that opposition has come from people of different racial backgrounds hasn’t stopped some of the leftist vitriol. Let’s not forget how Dr Pansy Lai was targeted after she appeared in the first no commercial with a petition to have her deregistered as a doctor and also the ridicule that was heaped on Federal Liberal Party President Karina Okotel after she appeared at the National Press Club with Lyle Shelton putting the no case forward.

But to maintain their support for both multicultural and LGBT issues throughout the plebiscite campaign they have sought to get endorsement from various ethnic and religious groups. The first endorsement came from the Australian Council of Hindu Clergy and while it was clear that they religion did not support same sex marriage they would be supporting yes campaign which was good enough for them. Then there was an op-ed piece in the Guardian by NITV Allan Clarke talking about how he was twice as marginalised by being gay and indigenous.

Now the same sex marriage advocates have got the endorsement of the Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia (FECCA) whose Chairperson Joe Caputo said in a statement “Our support for marriage equality is in line with FECCA’s continuing advocacy for equality and non-discrimination across Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) society”.

The FECCA claims to be the nation’s “peak, national body representing Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds”. No detail was given as to how widely the FECCA consulted before reaching this position, surely if you have an organisation that seeks to represent every ethnic group on earth they are going to have different views on same sex marriage?

But if you look at FECCA’s partners you begin to see that it is not an organisation which seeks to represent ordinary people from different cultures but is driven by a social justice agenda. It supports the indigenous recognise movement, the ‘Racism. It Stops with Me’ campaign and the National Congress of Australia’s First People.

Even worse is that the organisation is primarily funded by our government, more specifically the Department of Health and the Department of Social Services. It is no surprise to anyone that a government funded organisation peruses a leftist agenda but no less outrageous that now we see indirectly our tax dollars promoting one side of this plebiscite debate over the other.

Nevertheless, this supposed same sex marriage consensus from multicultural Australia was eagerly promoted by leftist activists.

But of course all of this claimed support from the same sex marriage advocates from such organisations (remember they can’t vote) is only build a perception of support. The advocates were hoping to use the corporate and community support to put pressure on government for a conscience vote.

But now the people, the voter will decide. They can claim all the endorsements they like, but they need to win over the ordinary Australian. Attempting to hijack every cultural institution in the nation is only going to build resentment in the wider community during this critical time.



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