Greens Nick McKim Claims South African Refugee Push Is Yearning for Apartheid and White Australia

The Greens have found a group of refugees they don’t like and don’t want settled in Australia after rejecting the proposal of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to fast track humanitarian visas for persecuted white South African farmers. The threat these farmers if they stay is either having their land confiscated by the government without compensation or being brutally attack and murdered by South African gangs.

Greens Leader Richard Di Natalie said in response to Dutton’s proposal “There’s no debate as far as I’m concerned, the bloke is an out-and-out racist”. Sarah Hanson Young said Dutton was “played a very dangerous game” that wanting to fast track white South Africans was “pretty galling”.

Now yesterday in the Senate Tasmanian Green Nick McKim who is their spokesperson for refugees and asylum seekers claimed that caring about white South Africans was coming from those yearning for apartheid and the White Australia policy. He also argued that because the plight of white South Africans had been reported by white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites as well as the Murdoch press that was proof it was a sinister proposal. The Guardian published a similar point of view on Friday.

McKim also claimed that there were those in the federal government who sympathized with such groups and ideas by having migrants sit an English test and of course concern about Victoria’s African Youth Gang Crime Wave was a part of a racist campaign, then inaccurately stated the government only deported non-white offenders and children.

He then singled out for criticism Senator Jim Molan for his sharing of Britain First videos and George Christensen for having previously spoke at a Reclaim Australia Rally and appearing on the white nationalist Dingoes podcast, an appearance Christensen later regretted. He finished by stating that the apartheid cronies in the Liberal Party would fail.

No one is aware of campaigns in Australia to ban mixed race marriages and disenfranchise non-white voters which is what an apartheid system is. The Liberal Party has MPs at both a state and federal level who are Indigenous and Asian.

They left in general have struggled to deal with the fact that whites are being persecuted in South Africa as they believe that you can never be racist against whites, so they have decided to remain in denial. They claim the South African government should be believed when it says there is no problem and that suggesting there is will cause a diplomatic incident, of course if you are engaging in a genocide you are not going to admit it.

In terms of the federal government officially granting humanitarian visas to white South African government it does not have the support of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who have only said that Australia’s non-discriminatory immigration policy will remain. Even though the government gave special treatment to Iraqi and Syrian refugees in 2014.

Dutton however has been backed by Assistant Minister to the Treasurer Michael Sukkar, backbenchers Andrew Hastie and Andrew Laming and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott. As the left cry racism and apartheid and our federal government dithers white South Africans will continue to suffer horrific violence sanctioned by its government.

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