GreenLeft Party Accused Of “Idiotic Racism” Versus Whites


Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders has denounced the white privilege training for civil servants and described the plan as “idiotic racism.” 

Dutch left-wing politician, councilor Sylvana Simons initiated the plan which is supported by Leftists from the ChristenUnie, Denk, GroenLinks, Party for the Animals and PvdA.

Social affairs alderman Rutger Groot Wassink explained that civil servants should be aware of their white and “intersectional privilege”. 

Under the training, white civil servants will engage in a “serious game” about their prejudice.

The game is described as follows:

“’True Color’ which is a short 15-minute game focused on awareness and Blend in, stand out – ‘Everyone Counts’ is a more extensive variant, in which a team has to perform a fictional assignment for a day and in which digital and alternate joint reflection is invited.”

The plan also states that companies who discriminate are being put to shame:

 “The municipality sets the standard and makes it clear that discrimination is unacceptable.”

Municipality officials plan to send spies which are called “mystery guests” to check on companies and exclude those who will be found guilty of discrimination against workers.

Wassink defended the use of spies in companies:

“I am not averse to naming and shaming but to my surprise this is a contentious issue. We don’t want to give companies a bad name but if they continue to discriminate despite warnings the contract should be terminated,” he told the Dutch daily.

Wassink further explained that the plan was created to promote diversity at work because discrimination is a current reality that is very difficult to eradicate.  He said that based on a recent study made by the universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht, applicants with ethnic background have only 40% chance of getting interviewed. 

Wassink revealed that he intends to allocate €750 000 for 2019-2020 for strategies to fight discrimination against women, the disabled and older people too.

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