GetUp Director Links Same Sex Marriage to Changing Australia Day

With Australia Day 2018 fast approaching the left who have spent the past year attacking our national day have moved their campaign to change the date into top gear. The week began with the Greens launching an official campaign to change Australia Day and since then the news cycle has been dominated by debates about if the date should be changed.

The left clearly believes they are in the ascendancy in Australian politics, they have been buoyed by the recent legalization of same sex marriage after 61% of Australians voted yes in the voluntary marriage postal survey and feel empowered to campaign on their other pet issues. This has been reflected in the change the date campaign despite the two issues being unrelated.

GetUp campaign director Sally Rugg thought it useful to link the two issues in a tweet yesterday by calling upon those who were LGBT and supporters of same sex marriage to join the left’s latest campaign.

The left should also not interpret Australia voting yes to same sex marriage as an endorsement of the rest of their agenda. Many Australians who voted yes would be disgusted by the campaign to change Australia Day. If we had a postal survey on changing Australia Day the left would lose in an landslide with polling currently showing that 85% of Australians support keeping Australia Day on January 26th.

The left will have to do better in their change the date campaign than by drawing a long bow with LGBT issues. Convincing Australians that date of the nation’s founding settlement and hence the birth of the modern Australia we all benefit from today is racist and offensive will be a bit more of a difficult message to sell.

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