EU REPORT: Number Of Asylum Applications Up By 10%


The European Asylum Support Office
(EASO) reported that there has been a 10% increase in asylum applications from
the first half of 2019.

The data showed that 337,200
applications for asylum were filed in the EU. 
Compared to the same period in 2018, there has been a significant
increase in the number of applications.

According to the report, migrants
from citizens of Syria, Afghanistan and Venezuela lodged the greatest number of
applications for asylum. 

Syrian nationals lodged about 32,200
asylum applications, Afghan nationals lodged 3 500 since the beginning of the
year and Venezuelans lodged 21,700 applications.

Immigrants from Iraq, Colombia,
Pakistan, Albania, Turkey, Nigeria and Iran also submitted significant volume
of applications.

Compared to figures in May, the
number of applications went down in June. 
EASO noted that “this is in line with the trends typically observed over
the past 10 years, with asylum applications peaking over the summer and autumn

Regarding first instance determination
process, approximately 41,700 decisions were issued at first instance in the
EU+, the lowest output since mid-2015. 

Trends differed also at the
citizenship level. The top five countries in terms of decisions received for
the past two years are Syria, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“Syrians received some 38 300 (14 %
of the EU+ total) decisions, twice as many as any other citizenship. Afghans,
Iraqis and Nigerians received a similar number of decisions, each accounting
for approximately 6 % of the overall output.”

Another key finding noted by EASO is
that there are more pending cases at first instance compared to a year

According to the report,
at the end of June 2019 there were some 439,000 cases awaiting a decision in
first instance in the EU+, which is an increase compared to a year ago. In
addition, an equal number of cases are also pending in appeal or review.

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