6 European Countries Open Borders To 147 Illegal Immigrants


Recently resigned Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced that 6 EU countries agreed to take in the migrants on board the Spanish NGO ship, Proactiva Open Arms. 

“France, Germany, Romania,
Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg have told me that they are ready to welcome the
migrants,” Conte said in an open letter addressed to far-right Interior
Minister Matteo Salvini. 

Conte also urged his colleague and
president of the right-wing League to take in the migrants.

Conte’s announcement of the offer of
assistance came a day after the Italian administrative justice obtained the
suspension of a Security Decree which was signed by Matteo Salvini, banning the
ship from entering the Italian ports. 

“We won the appeal against the
Salvini Security Decree,” said Oscar Camps, the founder of the NGO Proactiva
Open Arms, at a press conference in Madrid.

The Italian justice had indeed
announced the landing in Italy of the 147 migrants currently on board, rescued
in the central Mediterranean.

“The only thing missing is that we
are assigned a port,” Oscar Camps added, saying that his NGO intended to
respect legal procedures.

“It’s a success. International
maritime law prevails,” he added, before saying that in Italy “everyone does
not think like Salvini”.

Salvini filed a swift appeal against
the judge’s ruling on Wednesday and signed another decree, saying that the
behavior of Open Arms, a Spanish charity, showed that its act of bringing
migrants to Italy is part of its political objective.

“What a strange country,” Salvini
complained from a beach in the north-west of Italy.

“The court in Lazio (Rome) wants to
authorize a foreign boat to disembark foreign migrants in Italy.”

Government sources said that EU
officials are negotiating with more member states to see if they will agree
take in some of the migrants. 

Spain agreed to take in
some of the migrants on the condition that a migrant distribution scheme among
participating EU states will be formed. 

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