Remainers Hold Yet Another Anti-Brexit Rally

Still unable to accept the fact that that they lost the Brexit referendum on June 23rd last year, Remainers have held yet another rally in London calling on Britain to remain part of the European Union. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty will be triggered in the next few days which will finally begin the UK’s divorce from the European Union.

Ever since the referendum last year Remainers have done everything they can to delay and sabotage the beginning of the Brexit process. They launched a successful Supreme Court challenge to the Brexit result which meant that despite the referendum result Article 50 could not be triggered unless there was a vote in Parliament, this gave them another chance to lobby MPs to vote against the will of the people. After the Brexit bill was overwhelmingly passed by the British Parliament they tried yet another court challenge this time claiming that Prime Minister Theresa May did not have the authority to have Britain leave European Economic Area, the High Court rejected this challenge.

Between 25,000 to 100,000 people attended the rally in London, some were even draped in the European flag. The left seem to forget that it is voting that determines the policy of a country, not the number of people at a rally. This is why the Women’s March against Trump was equally as pointless. The organizers did not care that this march was only days after the London Terror attack and could be seen as somewhat disrespectful to the victims. It is also worth noting that EU’s encouragement of open borders has greatly contributed to the prevalence of terrorism not just in the UK but in Europe.

Yet the protesters had the nerve to claim that their protest honored the victims and were about democracy with one of the organizers stating ‘We will march on the heart of our democracy and reclaim our streets in honor and respect of those that fell.’ They of course claim that it is the right who creating a climate of fear with one protester claiming about Brexit ‘It’s not what I grew up with and it’s not what most people in this country stand for – this intolerance and division’. The recent terror attack however made it clear where the intolerance and division is really coming from.

Thankfully the sabotage of the Brexit process looks to have only slightly delayed the process. This last tantrum by the left is thankfully going to be ignored, but it is yet again a reminder of how the left have no respect for democracy and for the British people to decide their own destiny.

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