Drag Queen Storytime Protest Sparks Backlash

UQ Liberal National Club members crashed a Drag Queen Storytime event hosted by Brisbane City Council chanting “Drag Queens are not for kids”.

Drag Queen Storytime

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Editors note: We have been made aware that protest organiser Wilson Gavin has died this morning. Train lines in South West Brisbane were suspended due to an ‘emergency incident‘ on the Springfield line. If you or someone you know is suffering please call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14. We extend our deepest condolences to Wilson’s family.

On Sunday at Brisbane Square Library, Rainbow Families Queensland and Brisbane City Council Libraries held a ‘drag queen storytime’ event. Towards the end of the event a group of protesters entered the venue and began chanting.

In footage viewed by The Unshackled, the protesters can be heard chanting “Drag queens are not for kids”.

Rainbow Families Queensland stated in a press release “Sadly a group of people disrupted the event towards the end, chanting homophobic chants and causing distress to the children and parents attending”, adding “Rainbow Families Qld deeply regrets that the actions of a handful of people caused our children to feel unsafe.”

The ‘UQ Liberal National Club’

The group responsible for the protest is the ‘UQ Liberal National Club’, a non-LNP affiliated club that was disendorsed by the LNP last year. This post by LNP MP for the Brisbane Division Trevor Evans stated “The ratbags are not members of the LNP but they claimed to be. The only LNP connection is that it is an LNP administration in Brisbane City Hall which has been running the Drag Queen Story Time events!”.

Evans went on to claim that “Last year the LNP resolved to take legal action to stop these ratbags from claiming to be affiliated with the LNP after some other silly stunts.”

Leadup to the Event

In a public post leading up to the event on Sunday, UQ
Liberal National Club stated “SHAME on the Brisbane City Council for sponsoring
this event. What people do behind the closed doors of a nightclub is their
business, but this event is designed to indoctrinate and sexualise young
children. Our kids deserve better than this!”

They went on to add “Brisbane City Council is supposed to be in the hands of the LNP. Why is this moral filth being paid for by the taxpayer? Brisbane rate-payers and LNP members, please write to your local councillor to tell them what you think about this event that you are subsidising.”  

The protesters likely knew what they were wading into, as this post by organiser ‘Johnny Valkyrie’ in the leadup to the event stated: “You will remove your defamatory post or I will press charges against you.” Following a refusal to remove the post, ‘Johnny’/’Jean Genie’ announced “I will be engaging maximum legal action against this group.”


Backlash & Impending Legal Action

The group has since come under intense fire from the LGBT
activist community. This post from ‘Pauline Pantsdown’ the activist stated “The
organisers of the event are taking legal action against the outrageous attack
on a children’s event today, which resulted in young kids being terrified” adding
“Let’s keep all families safe by making sure that these people are prevented
from invading children’s events again!”.

Pauline Pantsdown

In this public Facebook post by one of the attendees, user ‘Matt’ stated “If I didn’t have [redacted] with me I most likely would’ve thrown each and every one of these self entitled hateful cunts down the escalator”

Drag Queen Storytime

Drag Queen Takes Exception

The UQLNC took issue with the name of the Drag Queen, Diamond Good-Rim, they allege the person’s name refers to a sexual act, and therefore shouldn’t have access to council funds to be entertaining children. Organiser Johnny Valkyrie asserted that since both organisers are blue-card holders the moral arguments are invalid.

The Drag Queen in question was a winner of an ‘Australian Adult Entertainment Business Award’ in 2019, this according to the LNP group inferred the drag queen was a pornographer as well.

The LNP group protested the event on the basis they think
these events are “designed to indoctrinate and sexualise young children”.

Drag Queen ‘Diamond Good-Rim’ was upset, stating “UQ Liberal National Club this is absolutely disgusting, for what you did, to come into a room full of young children and there family’s and upset the children was disgusting”.

Drag Queen'Diamond Good-Rim'

Other High Profile Cases

If similar cases such as that of Israel Folau vs Rugby Australia and Marijke Rancie AKA ‘Politicalpostingmumma’ are anything to go by, the case is likely to be very costly.

Marjke Rancie was ordered to pay 100k in damages over a
comment left on her Facebook page by a follower.  

Rainbow Families QLD

The name listed as the contact for Rainbow Families QLD is Matilda Alexander. You can read about her background in Trotskyist politics here. Alexander lead legal action against 25 defendants over same sex marriage ‘hate speech’ during the same sex marriage plebiscite campaign.

Sydney based Party for Freedom leader Nick Folkes was one of those also ordered to appear in Queensland before an anti-discrimination tribunal over “public acts of hate speech” for producing posters equating same-sex marriage with child abuse. Folkes did not attend.

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Martin Hartwig is Deputy Editor and SEO of The Unshackled. He enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, Golf, Pre-Raephelite art, woodworking and tool restoration. He is an undergraduate student of Communication.
Martin Hartwig is Deputy Editor and SEO of The Unshackled. He enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, Golf, Pre-Raephelite art, woodworking and tool restoration. He is an undergraduate student of Communication.