STOP the Gravy Train! Communism Kills!

Society is increasingly paying the price for the teaching of Marxist politics. Enough is enough! The time to stop the Communist gravy train is NOW.

Gravy Train

Society is increasingly paying the price for the teaching of Marxist politics. While every ‘oppressed’ minority seeks to climb aboard the gravy train of victim politics, our universities are overrun with Marxists. Socialist Alternative and their putrid multitude of front groups have a corpulent presence at our universities, where Marxist conferences are promoted openly.

Marxist conferences are regularly run in cities and suburbs across Australia also. Imagine if there was just one Nazi conference? It would be worldwide news and utterly condemned. Yet these near-do-well agitators preach year after year for violent overthrow of the ‘oppressive’ capitalist system under the guise of ‘class struggle’.

The Education faculties are full of Marxists teaching the next generation of teachers. Why should Marxism be receiving any state funding given its appalling past of gulags, mass murder, starving of citizens, and the most heinous abuses? Marxism had about a seven times greater death toll than Nazism.

Do people think Nazism should be receiving any funding? If there was a single Nazi found at a university campus that person would lose their post and be hunted down by a lynch mob. That person would go into hiding. Yet we fund, applaud and listen to Marxists on a regular basis.

Premier Dan Andrews employed Roz Ward. If he were friends with a Nazi there would be a high chance he would not be the leader of Victoria anymore. Yet being friends with Marxists and having kids learn Marxism is somehow progressive.

We now see mini-Marxists at some schools demanding everything for free and refusing to do any work. If a child identifies as one of the oppressed identities or groups they can wriggle out of doing the required work. The Australian Education Union has a lot of Marxists.

Campus protests, speaker dis-invitations, safe spaces, micro-aggressions and deprivation of free speech, in general, is a growing problem. Censorship on campuses has become very bad. Many faculty professors and administrators are to blame for this. Hypersensitivity culture on campuses is breeding outlandish acts of violence and more threatening behavior. 

The youth have been accustomed to participation trophies, self-paced learning, soft learning options, fuzzy meaningless buzzwords like growth mindset or whatever the latest funded university paper comes up with. How are these students going to react when they do not get the job they want,  do not make the sports team or do not get the interview they want? Once confronted with failure and rejection how will they cope?

University should be a place for grown-ups. It should be a place of academic rigor, exchange of ideas, merit, academic excellence, and debate.  Universities should not be teaching just one view of humanity and creating a generation of whining left radicals who only see the world through the narrow lens of post-modernist Marxist ideology.

Colleges are now creating “bias response teams” that students contact if they feel they have been victimized by micro-aggressions. There is an increasing demand for safe spaces and rooms for various minority groups to what they say protects them from the physical danger which is nonsense. It means protecting them from ideas that are contrary to theirs and course materials.  A student can identify as one of the victim groups of his or her preference and not do the coursework. They can say they have been triggered and feel uncomfortable.

It is not as simple as saying they are snowflakes and weak. This is often true, but hypersensitive people are bred by the system and are being taught. Hypersensitive people who think their pride is being assaulted can be dangerous. It is why mild insults or arguments lead to outbursts.

The hypersensitive think they are responding to an attack, but their severe overreactions are just attacking reasonable arguments or simply small insult.  Hate speech is now defined with such a broad brush. Simply refuting their arguments with civil discourse and examples can see you referred to as a spreader of hate speech.

Many youths see the world as breaking free from oppressors and waging a class struggle. Social Justice Warriors are growing and the impact is great upon society. It has reached into the corporate and private realms.  It is seeing the world through a narrow lens. Millennials increasingly view socialism favorably without knowing what it entails and what it fully means. Hypersensitive individuals are much more likely to favor socialism.

SALT and other such hard-left groups are prevalent at universities. Revolutionary terror is the aim of some of its members. Yes, it is breeding more snowflakes and hypersensitive folk who do not want to see the wider picture of humanity and the world. This project is also breeding huge resentment, anger, bitterness, and rage and they say it will liberate them from the “old society”.

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