Deep State Gives Hillary Clinton an early Birthday Present- Julian Assange


There are two sides to Trump Presidency the debate, who helped more Benghazi or Julian Assange? Some argue that Wikileaks had a small impact on the 2016 election race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Others say it was huge. As this is an opinion piece, I am going to argue that Wikileaks had a much greater impact on the Presidential race and that it’s disappointing that the Deep State is going to throw Julian under the bus.  

The side that argues that Benghazi was a deciding factor in
the race, maintain the Obama Administration lie. They simply repeat the narrative
that the violence came from a spontaneous outburst of mob anger, that the
attack had nothing to do with Obama or Hillary’s incompetence. Which is not the
truth. The truth is that the Administration had ignored the security measures
that would have kept the compound safe.    

Julian Assange was the big engine that kept the Trump
campaign alive. Every time there was a slip in Trump’s popularity, journalist Julian
Assange and the Wikileaks would be ready with another batch of emails and leaks
that helped to boost Trump and revealed the misdeeds of Hillary Clinton.

These included:

  • A leak of the Democratic National Committee of nearly
    20,000 emails, which documented internal frustrations and feuds which were
    arguing that rival Bernie Sanders needed to be displaced by Clinton, and that
    he needed to be undermined.
  • WikiLeaks revealed it had received 50,000 of
    Podesta’s emails. It released an initial tranche of around 2,000 of the Clinton
    campaign chairman’s messages. He was revealed to be one of the most influential
    players in the world and the main Democratic handler.

 He saved Trump time and time again. He distracted the campaign from the Hollywood access leak. He ensured that the public knew about Obama’s scandals. He exposed the truth. And now it looks like he will be mistreated. It looks like the Deep State might throw Hillary a bone and ignore Assange.  Let’s see how this develops. But for Assange, this doesn’t look good.

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