CNN is upset again, and we are all supposed to listen. Uhgh. CNN, if you haven’t heard of it, is a failing news network out of the United States which is known for pumping out “fake news” and truly terrible content. Strap yourself in, let’s examine this madness.

Samantha Vinograd from CNN has written a piece attacking President Donald Trump, accusing him of denying the “rise in violence tied to white nationalism” in the context of his reply to the Christchurch terrorist attacks. But is that true? No. Just like almost everything else at CNN its fake news.

Here are Trump’s actual Twitter statements on the issue of the Christchurch mosque massacre:


On Friday last week, during a press conference, President Trump was asked: “if white nationalism is a rising threat around the world?”. President Trump responded quickly and decisively arguing:

“I don’t really. I think it’s a small group of people
that have very, very serious problems, I guess,” the President said.
“If you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that’s the case, I
don’t know enough about it yet. They’re just learning about the person and the
people involved. But it’s certainly a terrible thing.”

This is a measured and Presidential response, especially considering the time the attack occurred after the terrorist event.

CNN didn’t like this statement. They argued here, here and here that Trump is ignoring the rising “problem” of nationalism. Mr’s Vinograd’s article was a round the world trip of so-called problem actors, including the “far-right” President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Mr’s Vinograd seems upset that the leaders in these countries put their own people first and safeguard sacred institutions such as the family.

Near the end of the piece, she argues that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his “allies” found in some of Europe’s nationalist leaders, including Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Hungarian President Orban and members of Italy’s ruling coalition, are all sympathetic to the cause of the extremist mobs such as “terrorists, a Klansman (who Trump later disavowed) and other extremists do view him as an inspiration.”.

TU is sorry it had to report on CNN, but the leftie masses are eating this stuff up. CNN is associating anyone or any leader with legitimate, mainstream and legal right-wing views as card-carrying KKK and white terrorist sympathizers.

Have a read for yourself and draw your own conclusion. You won’t be happy.

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