Trump won for a third time despite the shenanigans of the regressive left


Donald Trump has successfully garnered the 270 electoral college votes needed to become the 45th President of the United States. It has been one heck of a ride, as an ordinary American would put it, when considering the ordeal faced by Trump during this election season. The process stayed true to its traditions and gave fairness and justice the upper hand by allowing Trump to ascend as the new leader of the United States.

Since winning the election on November 9, Trump and his campaign have experienced increasing attacks from the left because Hillary Clinton won the overall majority of the vote. However, an inherent and clichéd characteristic of the left is its ignorance, and this time it ignored the fact that simply considering the majority vote is a grave misunderstanding of the US Constitutional system. It fails to recognise the fact that the electoral college system was designed to prevent high density urban areas from tyrannically dominating the rural and non-urban areas, as the will of the urban areas will be reflected in the majority. Fortunately, the US electoral tradition, which was at risk of being overturned in favour of the left’s ongoing excuses pushing Hillary as the rightful President, has been protected and upheld.

Despite Trump’s win, the left’s continued dismissal of his victory poses a growing threat to the future of America and Western civilisation overall. Imagine opposing a Constitutionally ratified decision to the extent that mass protests are wreaking havoc in city streets and the mainstream media openly flaunt its ability to spread lies. This is the current state of the Western world, where voters of the centuries old electoral college are receiving death threats coercing them to avoid voting for Trump. The regressive left continues to exhibit its misalignment with the will of the people by attempting to subvert the result of the election even at the last minute using the most dishonourable and absurd tactics.

This isn’t the first time the left harmed its self-respect during the election season. Apart from the lies and usual leftist shenanigans that occurred during the election, it shamelessly paraded its tendency to ignore reality by protesting on the streets against the people’s will. This was followed by Jill Stein questioning the integrity of the result and pushing for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, an act many people thought was unreasonable. However, calling for the recount was perfectly legitimate in a country striving to uphold freedom of speech and expression. Yet, the result of this recount process marked Trump’s second win in the US election.

Trump’s second victory, however, failed to secure a reasonable series of events into the future due to a CIA report suggesting that Wikileaks sourced its hacked emails from individuals connected to the Russian government. While this statement was very broad itself and negated by the FBI, it didn’t stop the left from further flaunting the #NotMyPresident hashtag on Twitter. The left’s talents at ignoring reality and rejecting the will of the people has already been mentioned, yet the fact that it spoke so fervently against freedom of information, while ignoring the real problems manifesting within Hillary herself (as revealed by Wikileaks countless times), deeply emphasised the idiocy characterising that side of the spectrum. The fact that Russia’s alleged attempts influenced public opinion was somehow equal to an election hacking in the eyes of the left.

Hillary Clinton herself blamed “fake news”, desperately trying to move public attention from her crimes to the sources that revealed those crimes. But to no avail. People both in America and around the world were sufficiently rehearsed in her manipulative methods that they saw her for who she really was: a criminal and a liar. Hillary ended up giving more publicity to the alternative right-wing media, who were the only source of truth during this election.

But Trump, his supporters, and his movement, kept moving through the ordeal. On the 19th of December, current year, the electoral college voters formally bestowed 270 votes upon Trump, allowing him to rightfully become the President of the United States. And thus, he won a third time.

The left’s death threats, protests, and fake news card didn’t prevent history from being made, and it didn’t stop the true result from manifesting into reality. The electoral college system has successfully appointed Presidents for 200 years. And its tradition is still safe, but only just. The growing wave of leftist bigotry is sure to destroy Western civilisation if it subverts established structures and the right becomes complacent. The battle may be won, but the war continues.

Conserving tradition, upholding the truth, exposing lies and preserving stability are of utmost importance in this day and age. The truth was almost forgotten during this election, and it will continue to be threatened into the foreseeable future. But so long as the right is honourable and perseverant, humanity will be saved from a catastrophic end. College SJWs and communists will always exist, but so will the right. The war may never end, but we will emerge victorious in every battle.

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