BIG BROTHER- European Union Green Lights Common Identity Repository


The European Union is up to its old tricks. Fan’s of TU know we talk about the European Union a lot, and its things like the Common Identity Repository (CIR) which is why. Globalist EU initiatives like the CIR is also why TU supports Brexit. It’s BIG BROTHER and it’s just been given a BIG GREEN LIGHT.

The European Union has just democratically voted to create a gigantic biometrics database. The elites in Brussels have called it a “Common Identity Repository (CIR)”.

The ambitious project wants to unify a mega biometrics
database record for over 350 million people, mostly EU citizens.

According to zdnet,
Once up and running, CIR will become one
of the biggest people-tracking databases in the world, right behind the systems
used by the Chinese government and India’s Aadhar system.

Statewatch, has issued a warning that the Common Identity Register might be used for the purposes of “the creation of a Big Brother centralised EU state database including all existing and future Justice and Home Affairs databases”.

Britain’s main parties need to wake up to the EU Big Brother
database threat. The governing Conservatives and the Labour opposition, are
divided over what to do, leaving Parliament so factionalized and frazzled. Whether
or not it’s the newly formed Brexit Party under Nigel Farage or Ukip under Gerard
Batten, or indeed a medley of the two, they must win back common sense and get

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