Aussie Patriots React to Sam Dastyari’s Resignation


One of soon to be former Labor Senator Sam Dastyari’s favourite political targets were members of the Australian nationalist and patriot movement. He often poured scorn on their concerns and also went to the effort to produce professional Facebook videos mocking them.

Today it looks they have had the last laugh with his political career over with him announcing his resignation this morning after a string of revelations about him doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party.

In the federal parliament his chief target was One Nation leader Pauline Hanson. Despite the amount of ridicule he heaped on her today Hanson decided to instead be the better person. She simply listed Dastyari’s blunders and criticized Bill Shorten for holding on to him for so long.

Melbourne activist Avi Yemini was far less diplomatic echoing the chant that had been used against Hillary Clinton in 2016 by stating like her he should be locked up for his conduct.

Neil Erikson the leader of Patriot Blue had confronted Dastyari at a Melbourne bar last month before the latest revelations came to light. He was condemned by the political and media class at the time but today was eager to gloat about coming out on top.

Social media has been filled to today with memes and jokes about Dastyari’s resignation the lengths he went to appease Chinese interests.


May it be suggested his next book be called ‘One Chow Mein of a Story’? When you try and make a career out of mocking others, your own downfall will be satirized particularly brutally.

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