Now that the inevitability of anti-Islamic acts of terror have finally been realised, the crackdown on the so-called far right is now in full swing, by governments, the media and corporations, the crackdown on the so-called far right is now in full swing by governments, the media and corporations. This was made clear by the British Prime Minister herself declaring the mosque attack as “every bit as sickening” as the previous Islamic terror attacks. She then decided to declare that Islamophobia was a form of extremist on par with Islamism “there has been far too much tolerance of extremism in our country over many years – and that means extremism of any kind, including Islamophobia”.

Islamophobia is such as loose term these days that it pretty much means anyone who is critical of Islam or its spread in western nations. Theresa May’s words should make us shudder, as she seems to be implying that it is unacceptable to criticise Islam and wants the government to come after those opposing the Islamisation of Britain and other western nations.

May also added “That is why this government will act to stamp out extremist and hateful ideology – both across society and on the internet, so it is denied a safe space to grow”. This would imply that May wants to take a leaf out of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s playbook in dealing with objections to immigration, and put pressure on tech giants such as Facebook and Google (as if they need any encouragement) to make sure dissent about immigration policy disappears from the internet.

This could have a chilling effect on free speech and democracy in both Britain and other western nations. Citizens have the right to decide what type of people come into their country and to voice their disagreement with the current open borders and multiculturalism approach of our governments. To take that voice away from the citizens, whether through arresting people for so called hate speech, or making online content and discussion disappear is to disenfranchise citizens and dare I say bring in a police state.

Extremism and terrorism is still primarily an Islamic problem, not just in the west but around the globe. One revenge attack does not change this fact, just in the past 24 hours there was an attempted terror attack in Paris after a van rammed a police car. It is now being claimed 1 in 3 terror suspects in the UK are now white far-right extremists. The only way this could be true is through authorities counting prominent anti-Islam activists as extremists even though they are hardly likely to actually carry out violence. For leftists, the media and Theresa May to claim that the terrorist threat comes from both sides equally is ludicrous.

The mainstream media is playing its part by further demonising anti-immigration activists such as Tommy Robinson because he had been warning for years that a revenge style terrorist like what happened at Finsbury Park was likely, due to governments’ failure to address the problems Islam is causing in western nations.

It is worth noting that leftists always claim that Islamist attacks are justified because of something the west has done but when the reverse happens it is only because of evil white supremacy and anyone who tries to explain why this attack occurred is justifying it. Not to mention leftist now want something done about extremism now that a person on the right is responsible for an attack and the target was Muslims.

The left and the government should not be allowed to silence us just because one terrorist attack has been carried out in our name. We want a peaceful resolution to this issue, we want our nation to be free from Islamist influence by deporting radical Islamic preachers, authorities taking terrorists off the streets and stopping more Muslims coming into our nations. If Muslims want to live under Sharia law they can do that in nations that already have it, please leave us in the west alone to live freely. This attack should not change the facts about where the real threat comes from.

The fact remains that Islamic terror attacks and right-wing revenge attacks would not have occurred if our governments listened to the voice of reason by putting an end to Islamic immigration and deporting all extremists with foreign origins. Native British individuals would not have been driven towards a path of crime and hatred if something practical was done about the Islamic issue in the first place. Internal crime and politically-motivated violence is still a problem, but those are internal problems that should be dealt with internally. Islamic terrorism happens to be of external origin, and thus the only way of meaningfully respond to this threat is by implementing an even greater stronger borders policy.


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