ABC Attempts to Memoryhole Story on Fuel Reduction Burn Protesters

ABC Gippsland was caught memoryholing a story from September 2019 which covered greenies protesting against routine planned fuel reduction burns.

Fuel Reduction Burn Protest

ABC Gippsland has been caught red handed attempting to memoryhole a story they posted back in September 2019 which covered Greenies protesting against routine planned fuel reduction burning.

Credit to Evelyn Rae @_evelynrae and Caldron Pool @CaldronPool for getting this story out first, we’re going to help boost the signal to get this important message to as many people as possible.

Despite ABC Gippsland trying to make the story go away, the internet has a long memory. While morons push the ‘Climate Change Fires’ narrative hoping that their lies will stick into the public consciousness, you’ve got to give the public some credit. We’re not as stupid as you think we are Larissa.

Disappearing ABC Gippsland Fuel Reduction Burn Protest Story

The story mentioned the logic behind the protests being that the undergrowth contained moisture, conceding that everything else was “still so dry”.

The protesters claimed that the backburning was a risk to habitats, with one sign that read “Spring Burns Kill Baby Birds Alive” & another which read “Stop Burning Nesting Birds”.

Screen capture of deleted post: Caldron Pool

One of the protesters, Mary from Nowa Nowa said she hoped she wouldn’t be fined for her protest, stating “I’m more worried about climate change, and the impact the burns are having. I’m worried for my grandchildren.” Yeah that’s great but have you tried thinking about the impacts of NOT backburning? Gippsland is now in the grips of devastating bush fires.

You risk empowering people like this. Taken by yours truly (Martin Hartwig) at 2019 ‘Invasion Day’ rally in Brisbane

Given that many of the fires this season were deliberately lit, perhaps it isn’t wise to help them by literally adding fuel to the fire.

In a follow up story, ABC Gippsland reported that the protests were a success, in reducing the burn from a planned 370 hectares down to only nine. Probably not a good thing, in retrospect.

Screen capture of deleted post: Caldron Pool

We covered early last year the previous Victorian bush fires and how they were exacerbated by meddling greenies adamant that they were protecting the environment by preventing fuel reduction burns. The call seems to be falling on deaf ears. The time for ignorance and being misinformed is over. There is no excuse for this sort of deadly ignorance regarding bush fire risk reduction.

Story Gaining Momentum

Sky news will be featuring Caldron Pool’s story tonight! Congratulations!

If you enjoyed this you may also enjoy my article from December of last year where Riccardo Bosi spoke out against the climate council’s role in exacerbating the bush fires by interfering with fuel reduction burning.

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