The Shaky Foundation of Left Wing Ideology

The left wing must deplatform those they disagree with because their whole worldview is prefaced on lies, and the false God of equality.

The left wing

Activism by the left wing throughout Australia, Britain and the United States has become intimidation and a tactic of terror.  Left-wing collectivists have overwhelmingly taken over the universities.  They are hijacking meetings and simply shutting down speeches or events they consider offensive.

Most of the time it simply means opinions they do not want to hear. If they cannot shut down a speech or event,  they will try to ban that opinion from being heard again on campus. Hate speech they have defined so broadly that it now, most of the time, simply is thoughts they do not like.

The left can be classified as self-entitled anointed elites. It is about easy virtue and faux outrage. It is about enjoying the platform of easy virtue signaling and the goodies and power grabs that come with it. Winning brownie points with many minorities is also part of the prize. Getting as many people to feel oppressed is part of the aim of getting control over people.

The left try to proclaim that the Nazis who were open socialists and had every conceivable socialist program and policy, were somehow on the right. White supremacists or skinheads they are forever on the lookout for even though they are a tiny fringe. But to the left they are on every street corner lurking and a constant ongoing menace. White supremacists would not even rate in the top fifty problems in the United States today.

The Greens are a world laughing stock of a political party. They are infected with anti-capitalist hatred and their psycho-social hang-ups they project into society. An avid Marxist (Bandt) is one of their leaders and an ex bank-teller in Sarah-Hanson Young who is an empty vessel crawling around the corridors of the parliament.  Their idiotic ideas prove time and time again they should not be allowed to mix with grownups. The best things they come up with are things like No Gender December. Showing their wokeness is their daily delight.

The Greens wish to unleash the power of the state to achieve their ends. How will they achieve their ends? Simple. By tax, tax, tax and more tax. A utopia will be achieved by taxing everyone to the tilt. The mantra for them is justice, diversity and equality. All you will get is misery, poverty, oppression and destruction of freedoms. They are idealists and fundamentalists who have a vision for a new order. An ushering in of heaven on earth with their mindless platitudes.

The radical left wing in the United States wants to bring in a whole new set of protocols for a much-weakened country. They wish to replace the nation’s bill of rights with nonsensical flimsy rights. Heavy restrictions on speech and encroachment on property rights is part of that package.

Some of the protocols are as follows: rights of non-citizens to insist the USA grant them asylum, disarming of all citizens, a living wage even if one wishes not to work, free university education, unlimited sexual healthcare, rights of felons to vote, rights of groups deemed to be past victims to monetary compensation, mandatory quotas on workplaces based on gender and sexuality. This is just a sample.

The left stands for very high taxes, environmental alarmism, heavy government control of industry and business, more government welfare, less self-reliance, total government-controlled schooling. Socialism will simply mean less income. There will be no money left for anything other than for the government.

The world needs more wealth, not less or wealth redistribution. From 2000 to 2012 world poverty reduced by half. But the left wants to destroy it by stealing from some and giving to others. They forget the top 1% in Australia pay around 40% of taxes and the top 10% around 55%. Collectivism is always a poverty generator, an attack on human dignity and a destroyer of lives.

The Greens will always attract the losers and envious. They attract the naive and ignorant. Those wanting cheap platitudes and endless welfare programs and blame will always vote Greens. The Greens give nothing consumers or businesses want and offer nothing of substance. Their utopian vision is for the gullible woke folks only.

The left wing promises: your every need will be met, total welfare provided, total protection of your victim status and protection of your self-esteem, correct everyone’s disadvantage, erase any class differences, and make everyone a woke government employee. Loony ideologies eventually have to face the real world and when it does, reality wins.

Consider the Greens spend their days reading their politically correct guidebook and their wokeness guide to the twenty-first century.  They get outraged about someone misgendering someone. They say referring to a woman breastfeeding as natural is gender stereotyping. They say it reinforces gender roles and may be offensive. Telling second or third-generation farmers what to do on their property rates highly as their list of priorities also. Greens lunacy is a daily occurrence.

Coal we know is the Greens nemesis. The Greens demand Australia shuts it down while the rest of the world heavily expands its use.  China has 2,363, building 1,171, = 3,534. India has 589, building 446=1,036. Turkey has 56, building 93, =149. South Korea has 58, building 26, = 84. Japan has 90, building 45, =135. Philippines has 19, building 60 =79. South Africa has 79, building 24 =103. So 5,615 coal plants in just ‘8 places’.

The Greens with the army of social justice warriors sprout the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.

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