75% Of Syrian Refugees In The Netherlands Do Not Want To Return To Syria


A poll conducted by political magazine Een Vandaag of the public service broadcaster WNL/NPO, showed that 75% of Syrian migrants in Netherlands do not intend to return to their homeland. 

The results of the survey among 848 Syrians revealed that even if Syria rebuilds, the refugees wouldn’t want to go back.  With ISIS out of the picture, they now see President Bashar al-Assad as the new “problem.”

The refugees claim that it is better to remain in Netherlands because of better job opportunities. 

However, this contradicts the report made by De Telegraaf which stated that 85% of the Syrian asylum seekers who have been given work permits remain jobless in the past 2 and a-half years.

According to the data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), only 15 percent of working migrants had a full-time job after eighteen months.

Dutch migration researcher Jan van de Beek said that the lack of financial incentive and proper education has made it difficult for asylum seekers to get work: 

“Anyone who starts doing unskilled work hardly gains any benefits compared to what they get from state funding. I think that the problem is partly there. And furthermore it is of course just very difficult to find and keep work in a totally different country.”

There are 70,000 Syrians with temporary residency permit living in Netherlands and the majority has relied on welfare.

Van de Beek expressed his growing concern for the increasing number of jobless migrants and suggested that the Dutch government should start limiting immigration. He pointed out that for every third world asylum seeker, the government spends around 120 000 euros for life:

“The indigenous Dutch finance an unemployed lower-class minority in the long term,” argued Van de Beek.

The poorer Dutchmen, who are already hit hard by automation and globalization are the most affected. The number of low income households notably increased due to third world immigration.

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