In a concerted effort to marginalize the West and implement a single, cohesive two-class system, the global elite has continuously rearmed their campaign against whites, with revisionist propaganda, anti-white policy, and mass immigration.

A passive, but extremely effective tool for dismantling and effectively paralyzing a civilization is the dilution or even outright replacement of its original majority race. It’s been happening all over Europe, but for me, there isn’t an example that’s more painfully obvious than in the United States, the Wests beacon of light.

Nothing New

History provides the most tangible evidence, when deducing the cause for an ancient civilizations demise or when preparing to disassemble an existing empire. Understanding the present usually requires significant knowledge of the past, perhaps the reason why so many young Americans are denied such studies in school.

Egypt, early evidence of cultural catastrophe

One of the earliest and most well-known civilizations/empires, belonged to Egypt, indications of their superiority still illuminates in the warm desert sands until this very day, the great pyramids, and the Sphinx of Giza are just two.

The Sphinx and the great pyramids were constructed around 2500 BC, a massive task that was initiated by Pharaoh Cheops (Khufu), an undertaking that has endowed him as one of the most well-known Pharaohs to date.

Like most of the other Pharaohs to rule early Egypt’s most impressive kingdoms, Khufu was of Nordic dissent, he was white. It wasn’t until the 2nd half of the third dynasty that Semitic and non-whites had taken a significant hold in Egypt’s population and original Europeans had irreversibly began a rapid replacement.

Was this the earliest documented genocide of a major civilization?

A civilizations culture is reflected through the original majority population, whatever that may be, when the original people are no longer the majority, the culture obviously changes to reflect the majority population. Culture is a civilizations identity and when that ceases to exist, the original civilization is not far behind.

Egypt had always maintained a homogenous society, as far as rulers and citizens, it really wasn’t until they were conquered by the Hyksos around 1785, a Semitic people from the north, that non-white blood was introduced in a substantial way.

The Hyksos had a technological advantage over the Egyptians, at that time, the Semitic tribe was aided with chariots, horses, and iron weapons, an edge that would subdue even the fiercest Nordic warrior. However, after 200 long years of subjugation, the Egyptians mastered this advance in warfare and gave the Hyksos a proper beating, regaining the wheel once again.

Unfortunately, the constant use of black and Semitic slave labor, coupled with the subjugation by the Hyksos, opened the door of diversity and it would never be fully closed again.

Diversity is a loaded word, for some strange reason it has become solely associated with several dissimilar races, living together with guaranteed equality. Diversity is arbitrary like most other words and relevant to the particular situation.

In the case of dissimilar races, living in harmony, it is factual reality that the more homogenous a civilization, the more cohesive.

The chaos and destruction that unfolds by inundating a thriving civilization with differing people of differing cultures, is almost always irreversible. Original Egyptians weren’t completely ignorant to this elementary life-lesson, although a course correction was too little, too late.

Was King Tut a white supremacist?

Tutankhamen (King Tut) the boy king, as late as 1350 BC, realized the difference in race, as is evidenced by some of the artifacts in his tomb. On the footrest of one of Tut’s thrones were nine black and Semite prisoners, Egypt’s arch adversaries, bound by chains, this meaning that his enemies were under his foot.

Another interesting artifact in Tutankhamun’s tomb was his walking stick, the handle was carved with depictions of his black and Semite enemies bound together when he tooled around with his royal walking stick, he actually held his enemies in his hands.

No “white supremist” collection of ancient royal artifacts would be complete without a classy pair of sandals with inlays of black and Semitic rivals, a pharaoh would trample his enemy as he walked!

There was more acknowledgement of his racial enemies in Tut’s burial, another striking sentiment was Tut’s iconic wooden chest, it laid out a scene of the young King cruising around in a horse drawn chariot, mowing down his black and brown enemies.

Of course, Tutankhamun was not a white supremist or even a racist, however, many original Egyptians in this era were aware of the catastrophic changes that uncontrollable migration was causing.

Chewing gum won’t fix the cracks in the crumbling dam, get your galoshes on, it’s flood time!

After the 18-year-old King abruptly left the world of the living, several rulers had attempted to stymie the genocidal timebomb, to no avail. Demographically compromised from the Hyksos invasion and greater numbers of Nubians absorbed from conquest, Egypt was now facing several new and deadly enemies, the task was insurmountable.

At one point, during their clashes and eventual conquest of the Nubians, Egypt stationed forts and enormous walls on its southern borders, desperately trying to keep the blacks out. They even erected a massive sign, still visible today, forbidding the passage of blacks any further into Egyptian lands.

The original whites were an expiring commodity and with their disappearance went unbridled ingenuity and technological accomplishment, never again would Egypt produce such marvels as the great pyramids.

Ancient Egypt wasn’t the only empire to crumble under the passive demise of disfavorable demographics, Rome and Greece succumb to the same disaster, is it too late to turn back the tide in America?

Maintaining a majority of the original population, be it black, white, brown, or whatever, is the only way to keep breath in the lungs of a thriving civilization. American culture is white culture, reading anything more into this statement of fact, is absurd.

The anti-white policies of the Democrat party, fueled by contempt from the left

There is certainly no mystery why the radical left has co-opted the Democrat Party in the United States to do its insidious bidding, in a no-holds-barred attempt to attain absolute power, it’s because they have no soul.

By snubbing out the middle-class white population, through dilution and massive disenfranchisement, The Democrat party, by ardently championing an anti-male & anti-white agenda’s, has efficiently cleared the path for the left, which is obviously controlled by global elites.

Through the entertainment industry Democrats have made black privilege, white guilt, and the myth of institutional racism look sexy to the misinformed masses. Democrats have geared their policies to hasten the departure of a strong white majority, the most potent of which has to be their support of illegal immigration.

Simply look to Egypt, which I covered in this article, Rome, and classical Greece, these are great examples of the extinction of masterful civilizations that ended after the founding race was overwhelmed by one or more varying races.

Unlike many of the know-former civilizations, white leftist are knowingly fanning the flames of extinction, in a perverse effort to gain unrestricted power and wealth. They must not succeed!

The West is perilously close to losing its culture, survival is not a racist endeavor, preserve our heritage!

Alexander is the founder and editor of The Far Right Report, a news website dedicated to preserving European heritage.

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