The Australian Liberty Alliance is planning a rally in Sydney on Tuesday for Sonia Kruger who has come under scrutiny for speaking in favour of a Muslim ban last year. In order to spread the word and gain support for the rally they have decided to print out some placards, which can be seen below.



Party secretary Ralph Schumann went to Officeworks South Melbourne to print out the posters and have them laminated. Bare in mind the ALA uses this Officeworks for most of their bigger printing orders, making them regular customers who bring in a lot of business to the store and have been doing so for years.

To Ralph’s surprise the young man at the counter refused to serve him, stating that because we are currently in the middle of the Muslim holiday period of Ramadan they do not want to print out something that “might be offensive to a certain class of people who we do not speak about.”

Avi responded to this in a live video on his page and YouTube channel and has garnered support from fans and fellow media personalities.

Comments on the video are calling for a boycott of Officeworks which seems fitting since the left wing and the politically active moderate Muslims use a similar strategy to disrupt their opposition and those who speak out against their flawed ideologies and bullying tactics.

What do our followers think of this? Should we boycott Officeworks South Melbourne for putting the Islamic ideology over Australian political activities? Would the same thing have happened if it was during the Advent month and someone wanted to print out anti-Christian posters? That is highly doubtful.

Obviously, it is difficult to take such a matter to court as this is a private company we are dealing with here (and one with a lot of money at that) as a business is aloud to refuse service to anyone unless they are a protected racial class. However, since many other private companies like Officeworks have been infiltrated by social justice ideologues this has the potential, at some point in the future to become an even bigger and broader issue. What happens when companies can afford to start refusing service to people who hold certain beliefs on a mass scale. Well we may not have long to wait and see.

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