The Unshackled Waves Ep. 217 Lads Society and the National Party – The Inside Story


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Back in October the ABC’s Radio National Program Background Briefing did an expose on members of the nationalist Lads Society in Sydney who had joined the New South Wales Young Nationals. This program coincided with a doxing dump by a new Antifa group the White Rose Society who wrote extensive profiles on senior members of Lads involved in the National Party which included many social media screenshots.

These reports resulted in the NSW National Party launching an investigation of 35 members’ ties to alleged Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. 19 of those members resigned citing trial by media and the major parties’ rejection of nationalist ideas over the past 50 years. The National Party handed out 22 life bans and banned its party members being a part of Lads Society and similar nationalist organisations the New Guard and Squadron 88.

The mainstream media has commended the National Party for expelling these evil neo-Nazis and white supremacists. But what is the real story, what is it like being branded with the extreme right or far right label?

Today my guest is Thomas Brasher who was one of the Lads Society members doxed by the White Rose Society. He has returned to social media and aims to continue to promote his nationalist views and pursue further activism.

We first chronicle how the White Rose Society and ABC reporting came to fruition, beginning when he and his friends joined the National Party. Thomas describes how handled the doxxing and media attention. He explains his views and philosophy, and we explore are they as controversial as the media and White Rose Society has made out.

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