Which Way is the Dissident Right Heading?

Many New Righters, Right-Wing Populists, Alt-Righters, Groypers, White Nationalists, etc. do not seem to actually like White people. These people don’t seem to have any faith in their own racial and cultural group at all and are demoralised about their own side.

Dissident Right

Why do some White Nationalists dislike white people?

This may come as a surprise to some but I’m not actually a White Nationalist. Of course, I do get some of the basic points and arguments they make, and I understand their admiration for ethno-states like Japan. But then I think most White people do. At some lizard-brain level, we all understand the basic points that many White Nationalists make.

To try and demarcate my own position, if I had
to define myself I would say that I’m a Western Civilisation Chauvinist and
International Nationalist with centre right leanings. I fully embrace the Right
Wing Populism and Populist Nationalism we see rising globally at present. I
think it is a healthy sign and something politically solid that we can all get
behind — as opposed to something LARPy. It can only get bigger and will
include most Western countries.

Speaking of the LARP Right, I am not a little
suspicious of any Alt Righters wanting to drag the New Right off into the Daily
Stormer/ Andrew Anglin end of things. Richard Spencer now has too many question
marks hanging over his head to be of any future relevance and even his young,
“more sensible” replacement Nick Fuentes has raised a few questions
recently by hanging out with an uber-perv young gay guy who then claimed Nick
was his lover.

When faced by this repetitive drama I have a
simple rule: namely, just go to where the success is. My advice, even to my
more radical ideological brethren is this: even if you want to go full
ethnostate, Centre Right Populist route is clearly a step in that direction.
So, you may as well take it even if it goes no further, rather than throwing
all your toys out of the pram because Trump didn’t meet your targets. Even if
it goes no further, it is still better.

Politics, rather than the art of the possible,
is the art of hanging onto the broad back of history and nudging it in the
right direction rather than being a drag on it. Don’t “purity spiral”
too soon. Don’t stop the very revolution you want just because it still has
some way to go. Don’t derail the train at the first refuelling stop because the
final destination is still far away.

So, I have been musing on the mindset of the
Dissident Right and its various factions, and think it is in sore need of some
constructive criticism.

First off, and let’s get this said right upfront: BE CONFIDENT. We are going to win! Our side, the side of strength, sanity, and truth, always do, again and again. Just take a look at History, all of it. So, for a start, there’s that.

White Liberals

Take a look at the White European Left
liberals who often irk those of us in the New Right. I love the way they slag
off White People like they ain’t White People. Think about that for a second. Now THAT my friends is true White Privilege!

The fact that White liberals have this
masochistic, anti-White animus, which is paradoxically amusing as in “look in
the mirror,” denotes a tremendous racial power and confidence. They never question themselves — their own
voices and actions — as ever being part of “The Problem” they
diagnose. Yes, it’s a deliciously perverse self confidence in a way. But you
don’t indulge a supreme self-critique unless you are very, very confident.

Michael Moore, recently made a tweet where he
said “You cant trust evil old white men,” which, in his case, I had to admit,
was totally true! I thought, “With you
Michael Moore, you are fucking right. Good call.”

It’s actually amusing, and possibly even
invigorating, this masochistic White hate from White people. But to anyone who
has known a masochist in private life, sexually, they are the ones in charge and the play only goes as far as the
masochist wants.

This Liberal self-critique and ethnomasochism
comes from an almost supreme confidence in White Identity, if you think about
it. You are so confident in who you are that you can slag off your own group
identity and even celebrate it being marginalised, technically, as it still
wont cost you your life-style and cushy job in the arts, film industry, media,
advertising, or whatever. So, in a strange counter intuitive or dialectical
way, White self-hating liberals are the ultimate White Supremacists!

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. Among some so-called White Nationalists I have noticed a strange resistance to Whiteness, and a kind of insecurity and self doubt. Allow me to unpack.

White Nationalists

Many New Righters, Right-Wing Populists, Alt-Righters, Groypers, White Nationalists, etc. do not seem to actually like White people. They don’t seem to believe in them as a collective group and their ability to change course in a crisis or a flashpoint type situation. These people don’t seem to have any faith in their own racial and cultural group at all and are demoralised about their own side.

For some time I have noticed this characteristic on this side of politics. I strongly advise against it and suggest taking on a more “winning” Donald Trump-style of self-confidence. Whatever you think of Trump he is always grinning with a wink in the eye and a plan in his mind.

These “doomer-type” White Nationalists are always whinging about “White Genocide” even though the only possible examples of that in recent years could be what is beginning in South Africa or what has happened Rhodesia, although in both those cases it’s clearly a case of things becoming a mess after we stopped running them. The natives should beg the Whites to run things again, as they are clearly struggling.

But what about the narrative that White
Europeans, as a group, are under attack everywhere?Is it really that bad? Are we are a bunch of gypsys
hiding in Anne Frank’s attic, sharing her cramped space occasionally using her
biro to jot down how scared we are, while the globalist gestapo prowl the
streets below? I mean, even if they kicked down the door, where exactly would
they haul us off to? None of this makes sense. This is simply not what is going on. We are not under
attack. In fact, let’s just be honest: we are
the attack!

Ask anyone in the Middle East in the last 20
years. We pour fire from the sky on poor people in foreign countries, and we
don’t even know or care why. We just do it. Maybe it’s a bad habit. Perhaps we
should even look in to. But, as Breaking
‘s Walter White so aptly put it in a meta way, “We are the danger – we are the ones who knock.” (He used “I” – but
you get the idea.)

Again take a cursory glance at History, as I
said — all of it since Ancient Greece. What came before did not matter much.
We are the danger. Do I need to go on? Probably not, but I shall.

Sure, we have hit a bump in our Glory Road in the last 30 years, perhaps a major one. Possibly even a true crisis even. But the idea we can’t make a comeback from some small setbacks and too much immigration is frankly absurd. What came in can just as easily leave, and even more quickly if there is a true crisis.

So, the idea that we won’t truly fight back when we are really threatened is not correct and shows little understanding of the White European People. Who, as it is well known, are very tolerant, until we aren’t. I think some of you comrades on the New Right grossly underestimate European people, that is all.

We can fight back, and we will, and we already
are in fact with the aforementioned Brexit and Trump phenomenon. These two
political upsurges in the two most important Western Nations on Earth reveal
the mass support this kind of assertiveness actually has amongst the silent
Western majority.

Disheartened and pessimistic New Right moaners always carp on about demographics. They behave like shrieking school girls at times. Look, sure, I will admit, we had better keep our eye on that. Indeed, we should definitely stop the flow now and probably reverse it to some degree in the next couple of decades years or so. There are many good suggestions on how such repatriation can be carried out for the benefit of all. But the main thing is to remember that the Future is not written.

The next 30 to 40 years or so will be
important, but I see no reason to be pessimistic. The idea that we can’t run
the world in the future as a minority is absurd. First of all, globally
speaking, we have always been a
minority. Did that stop us? We have been at the cutting edge of geopolitics and
technology since Ancient Greece — that’s a good 2500 years give or take a few
detours and disturbances here and there. If I wanted, I could even push things
back further as those rumours that the rulers of Ancient Egypt were mostly
White just won’t go away.

Even if our White European hegemony is
falling, this is not going to end
quickly. Rome took 400 years to topple. It will take at least 200 years or so
before we’re nailed in our coffin, and we can totally fix things before then,
if not do a Dracula.

We need a new “empire phase,” and
even if we trawl through our popular culture there are signs that we are
constantly turning in that direction. It’s what Star Wars was basically about.

Admittedly, though, we do have some work to do. China must be boxed in. Trump’s trade war with China is a great idea. The Chinese are by nature cautious — Confucian readers of Sun Tzu. They will play a waiting game until we destroy ourselves and then just move in. But a trade war puts them on the back foot and makes them think twice about trying to expand.

So, don’t fix the trade war too much, keep it going. In fact, make it a permanent and ongoing “crisis,” that keeps China constantly off balance. At least, until we work out a more permanent solution, possibly through an alliance between “based” Russia, red-pilled America, Japan, Singapore, the UK, Australia, and other Nationalist European allies.

That’s the way to tame The Chinese Dragon, so
that we can then work with her, even sharing territories, markets, and resources,
in a relationship that will be to the benefit of all, instead of the old
“Chimerica” one, by which they just hollow us out for short-term

So, let’s start doing that and becoming  the ones who knock again. Under Trump we
haven’t stopped. Ask that Iranian General if we have.

“But by such-and-such a date we are going
to be a minority in such-and-such a place!” cry the doomsayers on the
Right. Well, to win any bout you have to roll with the punches. After all, you
don’t see the “demographic poverty” issue phase our Jewish friends,
do you?

They are ingenious in their identity Politics,
considering their small numbers. That is a strength, and not a weakness. In the
same way, our own trajectory is going to push us to use our dormant cunning and
intelligence to much greater degrees. The same kind of toughness and confidence
that the Jewish people show is something we should admire. Why are we still not that confident? After all a lot of the techniques they use
day-in-day-out are the very ones they gleamed or were taught by us back in our
glory days of Glory.

Combine that kind of grit with the fact that
we are still largely running the show — not in some sneaky, behind the scenes,
back room sort of way, but up front — and you have a powerful combination.

Boris and Trump — the first manifestations of
our return to form — are gong to dictate world history at least for the next
ten years or so. So, let them get on with it, and have Stage 2 of where we want
to go next ready when they leave. It’s still not appreciated by many on the
Right just what a stellar game Trump is playing now. All his hilarious Israel
pandering is such a great troll. It is a small price to pay for the confusion
it causes and the delightful division it creates. So many New Righters cant see
this, focused on petty details and prosaic presumptions.

So in Summary, the main thing is to be confident and reject self-defeating narratives. Hold faith with your own Manifest Destiny. We have ruled the world for 2500 years, and personally I cant see a problem with us doing it for another 2500. Sure, there will be a few ups and downs here and there, but that’s what keeps life interesting.

So smarten up, New Righters, and love your own people and trust us, for trust me, we are just getting warmed up for our come back. We are taking this World Back, — all of it in one way or another — and it will be glorious, as this is what we do. Time to “Make Earth Great Again!” Buckle up, folks, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

If you liked this essay on the direction of the Dissident Right, you may also enjoy my essay on what I coined as ‘Elite Replacement Theory’ here.

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