The Huge Aboriginal Superstructure

Australia squanders tens of billions per year on a huge Aboriginal government superstructure, a parasitic Aboriginal industry with a self-serving agenda.

Aboriginal Superstructure

Ayers Rock

Australia squanders tens of billions per year on a huge Aboriginal government superstructure, a parasitic Aboriginal industry with a self-serving agenda.

The progressive road of good intentions does not lead to anywhere. This is no more obvious than in the policy field of Aboriginal Affairs. We must keep having NAIDOC weeks, reconciliation weeks, ceremonies, rituals, welcome to country, we acknowledge other moments and so on, so that we may finally be reconciled. 

Platitudes and symbols are great and keep Aboriginal people dependent, which is what the left wants. In NAIDOC week, children are taught of the enormous talents of Aboriginal artists and equating Aboriginal paintings with the Dutch masters of the sixteenth century!

Within the huge Aboriginal government superstructure is a huge amount of government funds distributed by privileged leaders who live lives of luxury and are paid big salaries. Armies of fly-in fly-out workers service remote areas. It is a parasitical Aboriginal industry with a self-serving agenda.

An Aboriginal person standing on their own two feet is one too many for the Aboriginal activists. Aboriginals who want no part in heavy activism and do not play victim are of no use to the industry. In fact, Aboriginals who say we should not be dependent on the government are often ridiculed. 

The Aboriginals who say we don’t want handouts, such as Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine, are labelled coconuts or similar. If they say things that are contrary to the model of the left activists, they are heavily smeared and are not given approval to speak at events by the self-appointed cultural elites.

A huge infrastructure of policies, programs, training and more are created and evaluated by spinners for the Aboriginal industry’s demands for more money. To dare question or analyse any benefit from spending these lavish sums of money is to risk the label of racist or of denigrating the entire Aboriginal people.

Many lawyers are on board. The lawyers involved in Aboriginal claims for land or compensation are by and large not in it for finding the truth, but to find favourable judgement for clients in way of monetary rewards.

The Aboriginal grievance industry cannot be appeased. They are forever angry. Changing the date of Australia Day, for example, will only lead to more claims, more fake history taught, more demands for funding for services, programs, Indigenous studies at universities, more guilt-tripping, more rituals and then more demands for treaties. If you are of Aboriginal hertiage, you are a victim of the oppressive colonalists.

A huge number of organisations exist to solely service Aboriginal clients. There are scholarships, mentorships, health services, counselling, and so on. It is effectively cultural apartheid and separatism. 

Australia was ALWAYS going to be settled. The Aboriginals should thank their lucky stars it was the British who beat the French and that Imperial Japan did not start one hundred years before. The Japanese viewed other Asian nations as inferior. What would Imperial Japan have thought of tribes who had no wheel, no export market, no goods of monetary worth, no structures and monuments?

The socialist, green enablers and GetUp are driving a lot of this. They are regressive agitators whose only currency is taking offence, playing grievance poker, outrage-seeking and virtue-signalling.  They can choose to be perpetual whining, self-imposed victims or they can contribute. It is their choice. 

Welcome to country ceremonies, tens of billions of dollars in programs, cultural apartheid and continual re-writing of history by professional malcontents and agitators hell bent on feeding the Aboriginal superstructure are eventually not going to be tolerated for much longer.

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