Social justice is a term we regularly hear about and it has many uses for the progressive-left. Many corporations are creating diversity departments to train employees as part of their broader corporate social responsibility policies, an offshoot of social justice.

Universities, for example, have diversity officers plus feminist officers. Diversity is a favorite term and goal of social justice warriors Diversity jobs pay well for people who otherwise may be unemployable. Diversity officers in actual fact are a subtle form of welfare at taxpayer, shareholder, and consumer expense. 

Diversity in academia and society was purported to be about bridge-building and broadening people’s experiences.  It has had the opposite effect: lowering standards, quotas, reducing learning, top-down solutions, and reduced intelligence.

Created victimhood creates an oppositional mindset and increases self-engrossed complaints. It also infringes on people’s desires, restraints their aspirations, de-motivates people, increases blame, and inflates people’s sense of victimhood. Everyone seems to be needing a safe-space, trigger warning, or wanting to be in the oppressed category.

A society where everyone does their bit sounds good. It all seems so fair and reasonable. That is until you notice that what you put into the system based on your intelligence or ability is unrelated to what you get out of it. Your efforts, determination, and creativity are risk-taking and respond to reward.

However, state enforced equality does not want to reward you for efforts. If people are not rewarded for excellence and effort, what happens? Democrat cities in the United States under a veil of fake compassion with a multitude of attempted enforced equality programs are enforcing idiotic policies that hurt people and hinder acheivement. Then they blame white privilege, racism and oppression. There is still not enough diversity, unconscious bias still reigns so portray themselves as saviours.

Toxic masculinity is a growing field of scholarship (if you can call it that). Some universities now offer courses where men can unlearn their toxic masculinity to go alongside programs unlearning white privilege, misogyny, and patriarchy. But the diversity of thought and opinion you will not get at a university. We all look different and come from different cultures but we all must think the same. The only diversity is identity. Certain groups are allowed to speak, others cannot.

The left’s embrace of equality of outcomes is having a devastating impact. To level the playing field and to create safe-spaces is to destroy competitiveness and puts all of us into a competitive disadvantage. Universities are not daycare centers. They are for grown-ups. Or at least they used to be. 

When discussing social justice with social justice warriors you will often hear the term the common good. Who decides the common good? Who decides who are the oppressors and who are oppressed? The common good inevitably becomes the excuse for totalitarian control and heavy statism. S

Social justice is a totalitarian movement as it is an attack on individual liberty, on their individual ability and freedom to create wealth, keep what is theirs,  destroys their ambition or motivation, lowers standards, and rewards mediocrity.

Equality is another word we often hear. The intention is for enforced equality, enforced outcomes. The only way to enforce outcomes is by coercion or force by the state and it goes against people’s natural desires, talents, intelligence or wishes.

Social justice warriors are not about the betterment of society but enforced social control with the heavy hand of the state. This is inimical to liberty. It is a constant expansion of the state trying to correct society’s advantages and disadvantages through more interference in our daily lives from the state.

Identity politics is seeing more people are taking sides based on their race, social background, or class. You are judged by which group you belong to or identify with. The way things are moving we are headed for the Balkanisation of society. We are creating huge bureaucracy to enforce outcomes to favor the favored victim groups.

Whites are tolerated if they run around apologizing for their white privilege and accepting white guilt. To say that people can succeed by hard work is an insulting sentence to all those career victims whose primary occupation is proclaiming their own helplessness and inability to accomplish anything without government assistance.

Being a victim is often seen as virtuous. Achievement and dominance are seen as deviant. Being a victim implies someone else or others are in control of your life and the only way to get even is to use bureaucrats to take down others. Diversity and equality equal entitlement and taking from others.

The habit of accepting responsibility is rapidly evaporating in Australia. Blaming others as oppressors is easier and gives the excuse to use government powers to seek outcomes based on your grievance. The achievers are told what you have is the result of white privilege, oppressing orders, greed, or racism.

The message of social justice warriors is clear: you cannot take credit for your achievements and you probably oppressed someone in the process. 

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