Environmentalism Is a Backdoor Entry to Socialism


Every utopian socialist left-wing plan ends up destroying the freedoms of the individual and free enterprise. Those not a part of the elite cabal of planners; ordinary citizens are reduced to pawns and slaves.

Environmentalism as a backdoor entry to socialism is designed to change everything about society. Purveyors of socialism cannot point to a single nation where it has worked, but they believe climate change action can get socialism implemented using the environmental crusade as the tool.

Climate change policies are camouflaged as a quest for environmental justice, a rebuttal of economic development, seeking de-industrialisation,  and with these people the progressive laundry list of items: social justice, economic fairness,  sustainability, human rights, anti-capitalism and so on.

The biggest threat to the West is the radical left and their snake oil sales tactics using environmentalism to sneak in socialism with the aid of the United Nations. and other globalist institutions.

The climate change alarmists have most of the institutions and media backing their cause. The ABC is, of course, the left’s mouthpiece extols the virtues of socialism despite not working anywhere.

Greta Thunberg is their idol and never mind that she has Antifa supporting parents and the heavy backing of globalist billionaire George Soros. Pump up children with fear and a cusp of doom is their aim. Teach mass victimization and obedience.

The ABC solely exists to find more victims, punish enemies of their agenda,  say how wonderful socialism is, preach the wonders of the United Nations, self-loathing of Australian identity and the development of more cultural apartheid based on a debunked theory of race. The praising of constitutional recognition for Aboriginal people based on race is applauded.

Ecologism is the ABC’s religion. A feeling of guilt about CO2 emissions and using electricity for the crime of developing Australia.  We must seek redemption and redeem ourselves. They follow the lead of self-appointed gurus at the United Nations even though it is extremely hostile to Australia’s interests. Anyone questioning the ABC’s agenda must be an apostate and purged for those who are sufficiently enlightened.

The real agenda of climate change has been admitted by UN IPCC officials. George Soros heavily backs this. The UN wants to increase its power and wealth to have increasing power over people’s lives. It is UN-run socialism which is the end game. It is central planning with top-down solutions.

The UN wants to transform the world and cut economies down to size. The UN desires children to be agents of change and channeling their capacities for activism as a key goal. The UN wants schools to indoctrinate all children into a new set of values, attitudes, and beliefs.

The loss of national independence and sovereignty with global governance is the aim. A generation who has been treated like fragile preteens at colleges and universities assists this. They get warned every day that the world outside their safe spaces sanctuaries at universities are downright sexist, mean, bigoted, hateful, greedy, racist, oppressive and unfair.

The elites at the United Nations hope for a one-world government to save the earth. They want you to hand over your freedoms and nationhood for the betterment of everyone.

The Greens say trust us. The United Nations will not say one world order. They will say sustainable development under the guise of enlightened pity. The environment is the perfect vehicle for the elites to accomplish their real agenda because every possible form of human activity affects the environment. It is centralized government control and totalitarian mandates.

There is no success in a socialist platform. No individual opportunities exist in socialism. The collective is supreme. What you get with socialism is state bureaucracy deciding which products and services are available. The cult of alarmist catastrophic climate change confirms the intentions of the hard left.

The agenda of the United Nations is there for all to see. Climate change is designed to separate you from your freedoms and property in the name of somehow changing the weather. 114 out of 117 climate change predictions have not materialized. 

History will record this mammoth attempt to defraud the values of Western society. Once the dust has settled and more and more dud predictions do not materialize, heads will roll.

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