Australia’s Squandered Wealth


We’ve got a lot of old luxury-obsessed white people in Australia taking a lot of wealth and capital to the grave with them. They could be using it to create/invest in community projects, employ young white boys, combat poverty and drug addiction in the poorer suburbs, etc.

Instead they’re travelling the world, then building mini-mansions with tennis courts, six bathrooms and heated towel-rails, investing in city hotels and car-parks so they can compare financial dick sizes with the next selfish old bastard who has abandoned all sense of nationality, community and sometimes even the concept of family in favour of himself.

This old, hyper-individualist white middle class is even too fixated on its own luxury-life to recognise the war being waged on it by the global elite, as long as the gardener arrives on Sunday’s to trim their hedges and Winston the thoroughbred poodle is groomed on Wednesday’s, they’ve got not much mind for anything else besides their own business affairs.

And woe to any poor young soul who tries to explain the meaningless decadence of their lives and the emptiness of their pursuits to them, they’ll only incur the hysterical wrath of the wise old Lords who have the emotional intelligence of a toddler and react to basic criticism as though they’re being stabbed.

At the end of the day, people can do what they want with their money. But what is the primary reason why this white middle-class builds mansions instead of churches?

Self-centredness is only part of the reason. The other part is their connection to the system.

The aspects of “the system” which the white middle-class is most connected to is its social-political life and culture, that is: television news culture and mainstream parliamentary “two-party” politics.

If a wealthy white person for example builds a community centre for let’s say, job networking and finding apprenticeships for white Australian boys, the journalists of the system’s news culture will descend on him like angry hornets, spitting their vicious insults and slander, “Why only white boys? Why not Africans, migrants and Aboriginals too? What a racist endeavour.” Etc, etc.

It would of course be totally acceptable and even commendable in the eyes of these “journalists” to build such a centre which deliberately excludes white Australians on the basis of their race. But a white bloke building an institution which seeks to help white people first attracts the savagery of the system’s journalists more than anything else.

Sometimes and usually in fact, words on a television screen or in a newspaper are enough to frighten members of the wealthy middle-class into remaining individualist and as selfish with their capital as possible –that is after all how the system likes them to be, severed from their own kind and loyal only to fine food & luxury.

But for the extremely rare old white bloke with a bit of money who knows what this news-culture slander is (bullshit words and nothing but bullshit words) and doesn’t fear it, the system’s journalists need to find the source of his wealth and do their utmost to severe it from him, knowing that at the source there’ll be someone more of afraid of their bullshit words than he is.

The method here is to isolate the rogue financier who tries to do anything for his own community, by harassing his clientele, investors and businesses partners until they decide that it’s just easier to move their money elsewhere and deal with somebody else.

But this is almost never necessary on the part of the system’s journalists, since most middle-class whites are so emotionally invested in “two-party politics” that they never try to do anything with their money other than perhaps lobby their favourite Liberal Party candidates.

The point is, if the white middle-class would detach itself from the rotten present-day system entirely, to the extent where it would be totally rigid in its ignorance of the press and of two-party politics, then they’d only need to overcome their own selfishness in order to make a real difference in uplifting their own community and their own nation.

About the Author
Blair Cottrell
Blair Cottrell is an Australian carpenter and public speaker. Both highly censored/sought out. Prosecuted in Victoria for “intending to incite ridicule of Muslims” in a Facebook post.
Blair Cottrell
Blair Cottrell is an Australian carpenter and public speaker. Both highly censored/sought out. Prosecuted in Victoria for “intending to incite ridicule of Muslims” in a Facebook post.
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