Survey: 65% Of Finnish People Believe Immigration Is The Cause Of Rising Sex Crimes


According to the latest Gallup poll, majority of Finnish people links immigration to the increasing occurrences of sexual offenses. 

65 percent of respondents polled by
Finland’s largest daily, Helsingin
believe that the rise in sex crimes the past few years is related
to the rise in immigration.

The respondents share the opinion
that cultural differences in combination with religious beliefs have resulted
in the rising incidence of sex-related crimes in Finland.

In the northern Finnish town of Oulu,
there are several migrants being investigated for sex crimes involving young
girls.  At the year’s onset, similar
cases have been reported in Finland’s capital, Helsinki.

The Finnish daily conducted the
survey ahead of the general election. After the incidents in Oulu, sex crimes
linked to migrants have become a major campaign issue which has caused division
among Finnish people.

Majority of the patriotic Finns
Party’s voters believe that cultural bias is the single most important reason
for the spike in sexual offences, while left-wing voters tend to downplay

Leftists claim that native Finns are
also guilty of the sex crimes and only a few consider
culture and religion as contributing factors in the increasing number of gangs.

Two parties – the Finns and the Blue
Reform are in favor of restricting immigration for Muslim countries.

Finns leader Jussi Halla-aho said the
sex attacks can be attributed to immigration from “backward Islamic countries”
where attitude toward women and underage girls greatly differs from Finland’s.

For his part, Blue Reform leader,
Sampo Terho called migrants’ over-representation in sex crimes a threat to

According to Interior Minister Kai
Mykkänen Finland’s current centre-right government is open to the idea of
withdrawing migrant rapists’ Finnish citizenship.

Back in 2015, Olli
Immonen, a Finnish MP of the Finns party, stirred the nation when he published
a provocative update on his Facebook page as well as on the Facebook page of
Suomen Sisu.

Immonen stated, he was dreaming of a
“strong and brave nation that overwhelms a nightmare called multiculturalism”.

After the recent events, Immonen
tweeted: “I would like to believe that it is still time for the key players in
an irresponsible immigration policy to be held responsible for the damage they
cause to Finnish society.”

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