Orban Targets Soros And Liberals After Overwhelming Re-Election Victory


Viktor Orban the strongman, right-wing prime minister and self-professed enemy of the globalist advocate that is George Soros was re-elected in overwhelming, dominating fashion when his party won the supermajority in Hungary’s parliamentary elections.

Almost immediately, Orban shifted his sights to billionaire Soros whom he has branded as the “Puppet Master” who is focused on bringing down Hungary’s government with his globalist agenda.

Orban’s representatives wasted no time in disclosing the primary agenda of the government. Within a few hours after the election results were announced, Orban’s government said they will push for the approval of his “Stop Soros” bill.

The “Stop Soros” bill was designed to identify liberal Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and other entities that have been determined to pursue an agenda detrimental to the goals of the Orban administration. One of these goals is to keep migrants out of Hungary.

Orban had run his campaign on the anti-Soros narrative. He warned the electorate that Soros’s allies in Hungary would seek “moral, political, and legal revenge” against Orban for his hard stance versus the globalist movement.

Political activist Marton Gulyas, who is also head of Common Country believes Orban will be aggressive in his crackdown on NGO liberals:

“That means some NGOs will be demolished in a couple of months. They have to be prepared for government threats, raids, and I don’t know what else.”

Gulyas’s opinion is shared by Marta Pardavi who is the co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee. Pardavi sees the government clamping down on liberal groups as soon as they possibly can.

Stefania Kapronczay, director of the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union said Orban’s election win has affected partnerships with long-term institutions:

“We’ve seen a shying away of public partners, state partners, and institutions that previously worked together with us; certain projects were halted. But this proposal – which we call ‘Starve and Stop’ –  is taking that to a different level.”

One of the proposed provisions of the early draft of the “Stop Soros” bill is to impose a 25% tax on foreign donations to non-profit organizations that work with migrants. Additionally, interior ministers will be given the authority to prevent any activity that has been identified as a “national security risk”.

Two days before the elections, Orban said that his government has rounded up a list of “domestic enemies”, it would go after:

“Approximately 2,000 people are working in Hungary to overthrow the government in the election campaign and replace it with a pre-immigration cabinet favourable to George Soros, as well. We know exactly, by name, who these people are and how they operate in order to turn Hungary into an immigrant country.”

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