Michigan imam publicises his support for Trump’s immigration ban


Minority groups are infamous for falling victim to the rhetoric of left-wing parties and political figures while labelling the right’s attempt at reviving some common sense in 21st century politics as racist or xenophobic. Yet some individuals within minority groups are fortunate enough to see through the myths propagated by the left in order to become “woke” enough to support common sense politicians and their policies. The most recent of such individuals is an imam from Michigan, who has revealed his support of Trump’s immigration ban that has been so prolifically labelled as racist and hateful by the left.

Imam Husham Al-Hussainy not only supported this security measure, itself already in limbo, but also voted for Donald Trump during last year’s election. It has always been unheard of for an Islamic religious figure to vote for the “Islamophobic” Trump. Not anymore, as Imam Al-Hussainy has openly expressed his support of the former and his policies during an interview with RT.

He originally came under the limelight for opposing claims made by Mike Hager, a young man who said his mother died in Iraq after being prohibited from leaving the country because of Trump’s immigration ban. The imam confirmed that Hager’s mother actually died before Trump signed the executive order, rendering the man’s claims as a blatant lie. Fox2, which first aired Hager’s claims, can now confirm that the man’s mother died five days earlier.

Mike Hager actually counselled with Imam Al-Hussainy before flying to Iraq with his family. The imam recalled that Hager’s mother was suffering from kidney disease, for which she was receiving medical treatment in Michigan. The tragedy occurred as they were about to return to the United States almost a week before Trump signed the order, yet it seems like Hager used the death of his own mother to make an empty yet emotionally-wrought criticism of Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban”.

During his interview with RT, the imam said, “…well unfortunately some of the media are extreme…so they can blame President Trump”, when referring to the fact that Hager’s empty claims made news headlines around the country. This demonstrates his awareness of the mainstream media’s hostility towards the President, as evident by its use of Hager’s situation to blast news headlines, with a little hint of emotion and outrage, to create more negative public opinion against the President’s efforts at protecting the country.

Then, he demonstrated his understanding of the purpose and motives associated with Trump’s immigration ban, which prohibits people from seven Islamic countries from entering the US due to security reasons. He said “it’s meant to prevent terrorism from coming to this country, and that’s good”, before saying “this is why I voted for him”. Furthermore, he lamented the fact that “he discluded Turkey and Saudi Arabia”, two Islamic countries that did not make the ban list.

During these situations, the left would retreat to its usual hallmark argument when a member of a minority group supports a right-wing candidate: that it is inevitable to find members within a minority that would be lured into supporting the oppressor. They have used this argument when referring to gay-identifying Trump supporters, especially Milo Yiannopoulos, and women and blacks who voted for Trump.

But let’s go back to basics. The simple truth is that these minority members have realised the danger posed by the left to society and the world. Imam Al-Hussainy is an individual exemplary of this, as he has realised that Trump’s immigration ban is firstly not a Muslim ban, as he clearly laments the fact that he excluded some Islamic countries, and secondly is motivated by security reasons. The imam himself stated that lax border control laws in his home country of Iraq have helped facilitate terrorist attacks, especially from terrorists arriving through Turkey in the north-west. This knowledge not only motivated him to support Trump’s executive order, but also to vote for Trump in the first place, because unlike the liberals rioting everywhere from city streets to prestigious universities, he actually knows what weak borders can result in.

It was only yesterday that this became even more clear when a terrorist attack took place in the Louvre Museum in Paris. It was later confirmed that the machete-wielding attacker was a 29-year-old Egyptian man who entered France last month. Weak border controls are ruining Europe, and the proponents of such weak borders are now openly regretting their decisions.

One only has to imagine the outrage and backlash a white person would face if it was them, instead of an imam, who were being interviewed by RT. The imam was communicating exactly what white Trump supporters have been saying for so long: an immigration ban is necessary to combat terrorism and ensure national security. It’s a common sense policy, and the fact that an imam supports it simply goes to show that anyone committed to preserving their country’s safety and security will support it. It’s not racist, it’s not xenophobic, and it’s not a fear of the unknown. It’s common sense. Even the imam knows what weak border controls can result in, his own country of origin is suffering from it right now. And he wants to make sure the United States avoids that fate.

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