What does the vote for Gay Marriage have to do with a rally about child psychosexual development concerns in the Safe Schools Program? What does racism have to do with the discussion of Islamic Law clashing with Western Laws? AND what does Abortion after First Trimester have to do with Halal Certification??

I wondered myself after someone showed me a flyer that really got on my nerves. The flyer was promoting a protest organised by an Antifa splinter group to protest against a planned Q Society fundraiser dinner with politicians and media personalities such as Cory Bernardi, George Christensen and Ross Cameron attending. I think the flyer demonstrates pretty well the inside out, unreasonable and hypocritical stand more often than not taken by many left thinkers and recruiters.


This is the sort of reasoning we are facing when trying to address any issue with the left, or just the peace to speak among ourselves without hiding from those who object to how we think.

Now Q Society are currently supporting Kirralie Smith and others, in a court case that came about because they had the guts to question halal certification practices and consumer choices in Australia and to initiate a senate inquiry into halal certification. As you are probably aware, to say anything negative or to even question the practice of Islam is to offer terrible insult and invite righteous violence from Muslims, or so they and the left would have us accept as a current societal norm.

As you see the flyer by “Campaign against Racism and Fascism Victoria” (CARF), calls this “whipping up a racist scare campaign”… I wonder where the respect for all religions has gone on the left, why is it only Islam they defend, why not the rights of other religions who want the freedom not to eat food sacrificed to someone else’s religion, or to contribute to a religious organisation if that is their choice?

Now the senate enquiry did find issues and make recommendations for changes, none of which have been actioned, but that is a different article. HOWEVER, as a consequence a number of non-Muslims now face large penalties, even though their comments were found to be justified, because a man making millions from Halal Certification, “took personal offence” to the truth they exposed.

A defence fund has been set up for advocates of free speech and as part of this fundraising effort, Q Society is organising this fundraising dinner, but the left is determined to use whatever it can to stop it. But somehow, as usual, the left have managed to inject a number of unrelated issues into a “call to action” against a right wing fundraising dinner.

I ask you who are the Nazi fascists… those going along to listen and perhaps contribute or those who refuse to even stick to the subject at hand and will use antisocial behaviour, threats and violence to prevent any and all discussion opposed to the shallow narrative they follow.
When I first saw this piece of propaganda I was horrified…

This is their CALL TO ACTION!!

Are they seriously calling out (incorrectly) racism and the made up Islamophobia using an image of two beheaded politicians, and are they seriously using baby killing as a reason to rally people on the streets to “stop the racists”? Do they not see how Orwellian that thinking is??

But the bit that really made me see red was the use of abortion as part of this flyer to protest Q Society.  So I am not anti-abortion as such, I believe in choice, but I also believe in being responsible even if accidents happen… if contraception has failed, if a rape has occurred, then there is no reason why you would need to wait 3, 4, 6 or 9 months to have an abortion, and this is what they are debating in our universities right now. I find this latest DEMAND without a limit attached rather frightening.

If there are serious health implications for the mother, then ok, but the need for abortion after 3 months if not for some sudden medical reason, based on pure choice cause they just didn’t get to Family Planning in time … no in my opinion that is MURDER.

This is a baby at 12 weeks development.


“Your baby’s face is beginning to look more human, even though he is only about 5.5cms long from his crown to his rump, and weighs 14 grams. The eyes, which started out on the sides of the head, have moved closer together. The ears are almost in their normal position on the side of the head. The liver is making bile and the kidneys are secreting urine in the bladder.

Your baby squirms if your abdomen is prodded, although you can’t yet feel movement. Fetal nerve cells have been multiplying rapidly and synapses (neurological connections in your brain) are forming. Your baby has acquired more reflexes: touching the palms makes the fingers close, touching the soles of the feet makes the toes curl down and touching the eyelids makes the eye muscles clench”, as described by the BabyCenter website.

This is a baby at 18 weeks development


“Your baby is approximately 14.2 centimetres long from crown to rump and she weighs about 190 grams. Her chest moves up and down to mimic breathing but she’s not taking in air, only amniotic fluid.

A mid-pregnancy ultrasound scan is often done sometime in the second trimester (usually between 18 and 20 weeks) to assess fetal growth and development, screen for certain birth defects and check the placenta and umbilical cord. During this scan, you might see your baby kick, flex, reach, roll or even suck her thumb. Bring your partner along, and make sure you ask if you can get a printout or a video of the baby as a keepsake.

If you’re having a girl, the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes are in place. If it’s a boy, the genitals are distinct and recognisable”’, as described by the BabyCenter website.

The youngest surviving premature baby in Australia to date is 22 weeks and 5 days … a little over 4 months developed.

Are you seriously saying you don’t see this as human enough to have rights?? Are you people seriously saying close down the Q Society dinner because you can’t kill babies at your leisure?  Or because Kirralie Smith wants more choice for every law abiding citizen, including Muslims, you would sabotage her ability to defend herself? Are you saying you don’t want those rights she fights for in other areas too? Also who seriously brings up abortion when discussing Islam? (Unless it’s because of all the terrifying rape stats we have out of Islamic countries, or areas of poor refugee control?)

What is IT exactly they want from abortion rights? Because they do not make that clear! And there have, rather unbelievably, been debates about allowing full-term abortion, and children not having rights till they draw a breathe, some take this further and make it a few days for individuality to develop… however they define that in a newborn?

Who on the right accuses others of violence and attempted genocide while advocating for infanticide? I don’t understand how these supposed empathetic and tolerant people, who believe in human rights, can twist narratives so evilly and thoroughly and still feel good looking in the mirror. I don’t see why their supporters never call them out for answers. How can they not see how demented it is?

What is it exactly they have against Q Society assisting Kirralie Smith? There is this big list of accusations which have nothing to do with tolerance or anti-racism or halal, in fact they seem to be promoting quite the opposite. I mean why are CARF and their supporters, against the natural family? It is how the species has produced offspring throughout the history of time, what undefined alternative are they asking you to support?

What is wrong with stopping the “Islamisation of Nations”, we don’t all want to be Islamic?

What is wrong with expecting adults to be responsible in part, for raising and supporting the children they bring into the world?

None of this, or its relevance to the purpose of the Q Society dinner is addressed on any of the follow up material I’ve found. I’ve added a couple of the propaganda ads they are running for the mobile rampage they are planning to shut down a peaceful private event.
If anyone who is protesting against Q Society wants to give me some real reasons, not emotive garbage for the protest, I’d appreciate it and perhaps people would see some sense in the chaos you are bringing to our streets.

But what little argument you’ve raised really doesn’t cut it as an excuse to harass and intimidate attendees of a private function from gathering and speaking their minds in peace. Whoever came up with this sick bit of propaganda is certifiable in my unprofessional opinion.

CARF Campaign Video 1

CARF Campaign Video 2


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