EXCLUSIVE: Liberal source confirms Cory Bernardi exit


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A source from within the Liberal Party has confirmed to the Unshackled that Cory Bernardi will indeed split and create his own party. Australian media is already abuzz with much speculation regarding Bernardi’s very likely departure.

The Unshackled has also learnt from another source that Kirralie Smith may play a role in this event. A friend of the Australian Liberty Alliance candidate believes she will join Bernardi’s pursuits.

The source, which prefers to remain anonymous, also said that Cameron and George Christensen may be uninvolved, despite claims stating otherwise. Queensland Liberal MP George Christensen made clear last year that he will consider this opportunity during the Christmas-New Year period.

While this is a historic moment, this comes as no surprise to many Australians as Cory Bernardi has always indicated a growing possibility of his departure from the Liberal Party.

It is speculated that he will create his own conservative party, with the Australian saying this will happen during the next 48 hours. It said he has offered his staff new positions in the party.

The Sydney Morning Herald, however, says he will join the Senate as an independent conservative cross-bencher, having already informed his staff of his decision. It also says his decision is influenced by “fearing that populist parties will continue to rise if right-wing voters aren’t given a viable alternative.”


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